Collection points *FIX PLEASE*

Hello! I am bringing this to the attention of the people.

When you delete accounts, it also deletes collection / Race points.
This should not happen, the reasoning behind this is as a lot of us Ladder players have found out with BSL (Bombastic Star League) which is Sponsored by, if you delete your previous BSL accounts (ie : BSL1, BSL2, BSL3, BSL4, through 8, you will lose your collection points.

Players rack up a lot of games and it is really unfortunate that when you delete accounts you also lose collection points, as a lot of us actually enjoy getting these really cool Portraits!

I want to get the Dark Archon portrait myself, I am currently working on the Dark Templar now though, only about 400 more wins to go.

Please fix this Blizzard, as we obviously need to delete previous BSL accounts in order to start fresh with new accounts once they are done. I understand the point of this is to stop Smurfing, but the league you sponsor and how you handle Collection points should be different.

Thanks for Remastered Blizzard, it is an amazing game and we love it. Thanks for stopping the hackers and that Drone extractor exploit as well (+400 Drone attack LOL)


I agree with that. Would be cool if you change it, Blizzard.