Choose resolution on Mac

Hi there. When I play SC Remastered on my PC, it’s super-sharp because it runs at the native resolution of my display. But on the Mac, it’s running in some lower-resolution mode that isn’t my Mac’s native resolution. Yes, HD graphics are on, and it looks good otherwise. I’ve tried to Google for a command-line argument to set the resolution in the Battle.NET app, because I think that’d fix it, but can’t find one.

Even on the same display that my PC uses, the text from my Mac gets all blurry and the unit sprites and map tiles are noticeably blurrier like a lower resolution with a filter to stretch it.

When I put the game in Windowed mode, the graphics are sharp, and I think it’s just stretching the window to fill the screen, whether it’s Full Screen Windowed or regular Full Screen. I’ve tried both.


14" MacBook Pro M1 Pro (8 cores, 14-core GPU)
512 GB SSD
macOS 12.5 Monterey
Internal display and also Gigabyte M28U (144 Hz 4K display via DisplayPort) - both monitors are affected.

If there’s a command line argument I’m missing, that seems like an easy fix.

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