Can't enable Real-time Lighting on MacOS with M1 chip

Hi Blizzard,

I bought SC Remastered on my Macbook Pro M1 (max option) but the Real-time lighting option is disabled, I think it can not detect the VRAM of M1 chip. Could you please enable this option for M1 chip? I love Real-time lighting so much.

Thank you.

The M architectures don’t have real vram. The integrated nature of the architecture means all the components share the regular ram. If you see vram anywhere in the os, that’s just the os saying that ots using part of the regular ram as vram. So theres no real vram for the game to find.

You are losing nothing though, many people think the lighting doesnt look as good. And for the performance alone, not having lighting is pretty good. Personally i dont like lighting at all. Would be interesting to know if you can actually have it with lower resolution though…

This is nothing compared to the persistent minimap mouse bugs that scroll to the corner of the map at random. Wish they’d at least fix that and support native resolution on displays.

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