Cannot Rally Point Minerals

I just bought Remastered + Cartooned. I’ve tried both, and I am not able to set a command center rally point to a mineral field on either. This seems to be the case for original and brood war. I never had this problem on the legacy side (i.e. before upgrading to remastered).

Is there any way to fix this?

While you can in original starcraft, brood war, and remastered set a rally to a mineral field, auto-mining has never been a thing. So if the issue you are explaining is no auto-mining, it never existed in original or remastered. If there’s a problem setting a rally make sure you have the building selected and are right clicking or hitting r+left click.

It’s possible to fix via modding. I did that in my project as a quality of life fix among others; to be precise, it is possible to make the rally point action execute a “right click” if it’s set on a unit, so not only would workers mine resources, but terran infantry from barracks would enter bunkers, and zerg units spawned from hatcheries could be set to auto-enter a nydus canal). In straight, unmodded game however… you/we are S.O.L.