Cannot join games after Alt+F4

Hello. I wanted to play a custom game over I’ve pressed alt+f4 after the countdown, when the game has been loading, because there was a guy who’s been lagging us. After that little “maneuver” I cannot enter anymore… Is this normal? How can I fix this? I can create account on other gateways and play there without issues apart from higher ping.

On which gaming category, starcraft 1? After 5 to 0 sec or after 0 sec?

Dude, chance of you pressing alt + f4 after the countdown is highly unlikely, you either did it intentionally, or trying to self defend your past behavior. How would you even recognize your own behavior? or third party cheats which might put TCP/IP virus flooder. In either way it doesn’t make sense. You are very likely to be using other people’s National IDs and running bots. Shouldn’t be the case because if you press alt 4 out of windows process it should destruct the program relaunch it destructs TCP IP socketer as well. Maybe restart your computer or redownload, or erase it from your computer memory.

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