Cannot Access anything Remastered related

So, i bought this game awhile ago, and loved it, the remastered graphics, the wide screen capabilities, the music and better sounds, cutscenes, all of it… now i come back to it just today, and notice that i cant access anything in the game, i dont have widescreen, i dont have the cartooned skins, all mu options are greyed out,

when i go to collections, it wants me to pay again??? like no

so i go online and see that there are alot of people with this problem, and apparently its because people cheated in offline play in the campaigns… like whats the point of that?

if thats the case? then Blizzard. I can no longer play or support any of your games, and ive been a huge supporter since Warcraft orcs & humans, and Blackthorn. but after everything else thats gone wrong in recent years, to add this is just spiteful.

expect the blizzard legacy to crash and burn if this is how you treat players now.

To start, I’d be wary of what’s found on the internet. It’s one thing to do a little research, but it’s another thing to buy into the words of conspiratorial strangers so fervently.

No, using the game’s built in cheat codes is not a violation of any rules, thus will not result in account penalties. Therefore, something else is going on.

Based off your wording, there’s been a decent lapse since you last played. In the vast majority of these cases, it’s a matter of logging into the wrong Battlenet account, meaning an account that doesn’t have Remastered purchased. Look around for any other Battlenet accounts you have and try those.

If you can’t find it, submit a support ticket so that a GM can help search around for any other associated accounts.

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