Can you guys increase limitation of seats in starcraft?

Hello. I am a Korean who plays Starcraft1 in korea
Since the release of Starcraft 1 Remastered,
there are currently 4 seats available for spectators, and the 8 seats available for actual players.
so its limited to 12.
but we are not in 2000s anymore, and internet speeds have gotten much faster.
Can’t you increase the number of spectator seats from 4 to 6 or 8?
In Korea, people usually play usemap custom games
but if the number of player + spectator exceeds 12 in the game, the remains cannot get into the game.
I asked Korean for help,
but they said they couldn’t help me.
and here i am with vpn… Can you guys please help me?

Some sprite limits were messed with but overall no actual true restructure or overhaul was done to the code, more simply just new graphics, remastered sounds, slides in campaign, etc. I’'m doubtful they would ever go back and mess with multiplayer especially, it could break a lot of maps like the drop for native support of StarEdit did.

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