Campaign Save Between Mac and PC?

I play the campaign mostly on my Mac, but some late nights I want to get it going on my PC that’s connected to the TV and sound system. Cloud save doesn’t seem to work for SC:R and I have a different save file on each system, they are both logged in to before launching the game.

Through some initial Googling I found that the save file can be manually moved between folders (haven’t tried this clunky method yet) is there any easier way to sync these two versions of the game up?

Howdy Myukus275,

These cloud saves should allow the save to be accessed from both Mac and Windows computers. Based on what you described, there may be an issue with these save files not being sent to the cloud. Some players have been able to resolve this by opening the save file and saving the file again with a new name.

Save files seemed a bit buried under the profile selection and I think that’s what messed me up, having to create a new Profile before starting I just assumed there’d be no save files associated with the new Profile but sure enough they were under [Cloud] in Load Game. Thanks for the help!

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