Campaign review: Turmoil of the Stars

This campaign was made by Marine.
I found it on “pr0nogo,wikidot,com”. According to site info, this campaign was made on September 2020.

This campaign has a total of 8 scenarios: 2 macro, 2 micro, 1 cinematic and 3 macro missions with some micro at the beginning. Overall, missions were OK. I had some fun playing them. Some triggers are missing or inconsistent. Map design lacks of detail and sometimes is not quite realistic.

Contains soft spoilers

Mission 1 - “Down the Rabbit Hole”: Macro mission with lots of starting resources. The computer AI doesn’t attack much. Checking the editor I found out the AI was set to Medium and Difficult for the same player. The map was supposed to represent caves, with no air units. Still you can lift off and maneuver Terran buildings, which was inconsistent with this idea.
Mission 2 - “Eyes Wide Open”: An air fleet of Battlecruisers and Wraiths encounters some flying Zerg, you can skip this event by escaping from some attacking Zerg ground units causing a posterior inconsistency. You meet Sergeant Thomas Page, who refers himself as a “simple soldier”. This hero is expendable, but if he dies, his dialogues are still brought up on different parts of the map. No defeat conditions on map either. Game mechanics are similar to the previous mission. At this point it is noticeable that the map design is very simple, with not much detail. Dialogues sometimes feel a bit insistent and/or repetitive about the Dominion mysterious covert operations.
Mission 3 - “No More Silence”: Problem with terrain sometimes is that there are straight lines that don’t look natural.
Mission 4 - “Storm’s Brewing”: At the moment the Zerglings are starting to invade Salazar’s room, the game becomes really laggy. Some hallways don’t look realistic, not like a real installion should be. Some doors are located on half-walls or next to a pit.
Mission 5 - “Broken Hearts Enraged”: Enemy bases should have had a different distribution around the map, e.g. a Terran base surrounded by a Zerg base, in order to reinforce the idea of an infested Terran base. That could have been an option to make them seem infested.
Mission 6 - “Love Is Eternal”: After my units were given to player 8, the dialogue between Washington and Infested Ashley at some point got halted and I had to repeat the mission.
Mission 7 - “The Dark Path”: Nothing much to say about this cinematic. Washington’s plans of betrayal starts to unfold with the aid of the Protoss. Though, it is never clear in the slightest why the Protoss are interested on helping Washington.
Mission 8 - “Hit Them Sleeping”: My main issue with this mission is that Swarson trusts in Washington when the Dominion was actually hiding classified information to him. Swarson can’t explain to himself how a mercenary, who was supposed to know nothing about Dominion’s secret operations, is now in charge of Alpha Squadron. The ally AI and the excesive preplaced starting units in your own base makes this mission so easy. I always find uncomftable starting with a huge base.