Brood War is dead

Old version map.

Metaverse which is the old season ASL map and unbalanced.

No portrait rewards, not even previous one like s10 Dark Archon.


lmao, Blizzard is dead. Broodwar is hyp
Here watch some ASL to lift the spirit [ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S14 Ro.16 Group B (Tastosis) - YouTube

As I lay here with Starcraft Broodwar, is it really Arrividerci?

20+ years into the game, and I am truly sorry for letting the game down. It tore me in two.

A pair of Nike’s for school; that image is enough to fuel the flame of Battlenet too.

A Zerg Mutalisk morphing in its cocoon with a typhoon coming so soon.

A Terran Medic forcibly lets her breath go. There must be cheat codes to this game as we start rewinding the tape

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Brood War survived for over 15 years without any new content from Blizzard. I don’t see why Remastered is any different.

I can’t get this game to work at all why does it not work. i have enough memory i own the game. do i need to borrow disks from my friend?

The problem is one of maintenance. Old B dot Net seemed to at least survive without any help, but the current game is one of broken functionality and broken promises (2v2 ladder, for instance)