Broken replays since 1.23.0 Can this issue pls get some attention?

All replays from before version 1.23.0 are broken and don’t play back properly. It’s been about a year. I can’t view any of my 100+ replays and I can’t run an older version of the game to view them. There’s nothing that I can do other than keep complaining.


Yeah, obviously that didn’t work. Not sure if Blizzard are paying attention or even care.

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You are encouraged to upload all your replays to

It’s a free replay sharing and analyzer site. It will calculate all kinds of statistics, and provide you an in-browser replay analyzer like BWChart (but all in the browser, you don’t have to install anything). It can even re-play your game if you click on the “Animate” button on the Map tab (of course it’s not an in-game experience).

But supports all replay versions, and it doesn’t require StarCraft to be installed (it doesn’t require anything).

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