Blizz Plizz, why do we have murlocs in remastered?

Hi there, now we’re gonna have long talk. My english isn’t perfect, and i waited 4 years before making a decision to write here the last breath of despair. I know SC:BW for 20 years, and keep loving that game just by finding the compatible companies, because, you know, random players aren’t that people, who bother about improvisation and differency in plays, their struggle to win perspective is just limiting their strategic creativeness.

I don’t clearly know, what in that game make me return here more and more, but i feel like remastered graphics is killing the 2/3 of that interest. I’ve read the blogs and interviews of the art team that I found in the public domain, and I’m definitely sure I respect the work they’ve done, but I will note that a number of mistakes have been made, as if deliberately to mock players, and I guarantee that if Blizzard conducts a survey, then almost everyone will agree with me.

Moreover, I am so jealous of the game because several years before the rumors about Remastered I planned to do it myself, possibly violating copyright, perhaps selling / giving the company most of work done, because it seemed to me that on new operating systems the game would not be at all work and Blizzard will abandon her. I made some mistakes in my IT studying and therefore could not be sure that I would be officially accepted into the development company, I have no experience as an artist, but … BroodWar is that rare example of the game that should exist for ever, because, many will also agree with me, SC2 came out as a completely different game, not only in gameplay, but also in setting. Therefore, it cannot replace the classics, despite the fact that it is more convenient to play it, as in RTS.

I have practically no hope that my letter will reach where I am aiming (the players understand everything perfectly well without me), but I will still write everything I think about Remastered. When I saw the remastered for the first time, I instantly thought “is this a pre-alpha version?” I didn’t really perceive the new graphics at all until I saw what you did with Warcraft3. Don’t you have at least one person in your state who will vouch with heart and soul to ensure that the impression (and not the number of polygons) of the game is in every aspect no worse than the original?

We can forgive the new models of the Ghosts, in any case, now their rifle has become very noticeable, emphasizing that this is a sniper, and not a civilian in a bandana, as it seemed to me for a long time. But needless to say, how unfortunate it was for the zerglings to draw human hands? The blog itself admitted that the pixels in the original were so incomprehensible that it was sometimes necessary to come up with new details, but even a person who had never seen Starcraft before would not have thought of attaching the hands of a creature that is obviously trying to pierce large targets with horns on its wings, instead of in order to gnaw. And now it turns out that with these hands they break objects that can survive a nuclear hit from an arc cannon.

And no, we are not even talking about realism. Zerglings, thanks to their lightened hands and darkened paws, feel bony and obscure, and, as they say in the comments of one of the blogs, are no longer cute. Yes, zerg used to be cute, not shrimp thickets with funny cockroach sounds. Perhaps this is my subjective perception, but I have always perceived the original concept of the zerg as the personification of human phobias, and powerful music emphasized the greatness and dominance over this. In SK2, almost all zerg began to emit the sounds of dastardly insects, and elements of cancerous tumors, blisters and abscesses were added to their style.

I don’t understand what Blizzard’s problem is: it feels like instead of discarding bad takes, they are smoothing out the rough edges and trying to make it look acceptable. I have always wished the best for your company and generally dreamed of one day working with you, because I am ready to sacrifice as much time and effort as necessary. It can be strange how game companies fail good projects simply because of a few mistakes in game development. And no, it’s very possible I have nothing to teach you, your company has its own experience, but at least for commercial purposes, I advise you to do the last work on Remastered.

and a few other people I know were still playing on the original graphics and were willing to pay x10 the price to remove the pillarboxes. If you cared at least about money, not to mention quality, then it would be in your best interest to make the game at least more customizable, for example, the zerg command panel is much worse than the original: icons instead of a black background now contrast poorly, stand out poorly against a light metal background , and the units themselves do not look so recognizable and characteristic even on the order panel. There is no greedy desire to develop to - and order them.

The contrast of the panel has become much brighter, and the protoss has an epileptic hell. I am ready to draw everything as it should in different versions, if they even give me a hint that there is a chance that all this can be redone. Let’s come up with some kind of vote, attract players and you will see how many people would be happy about it. The reward for your work can be considered another leap in interest in the game, as well as more stable online.

Of course, against the background of money received from other games, Remastered was probably not worth it, or it should not be completed, you will never say it officially, I will say it for you. You need people to help you make the right decisions and channel the creative power of the company into the next great round in the evolution of games. From myself I can say that game development is either pure money making, or the religion to which you give yourself entirely. In this, a person needs to lose himself, analyze an unthinkable amount of material in order to prevent other people’s mistakes. The client sets the trend, but the trend can open new tastes for the client, so there is no point in following only what promises benefits. Blizzard were great because shooting at random, but hit to the spot. Perhaps you are not bad now, just like many companies, you have not trained the new staff enough.

If I personally enumerate Remastered’s shortcomings, it will not be clear enough. People deserve the final product, you deserve to release it. Of course, if a company turns to a client for advice, it may look like a blow to prestige, from the outside it often seems that Blizzie likes to work in the style of “not a word more, we will do everything”, in practice, constant balance edits sc2, a complete shoveling feeling from the game every expansion, and ultimately a complete departure from the classics. We play each expansion as a separate game. This looks so unsure.

Basically, I am not asking for much, I am asking on behalf of the old players for just one feat. Take the human hands from the zerglings. Customize troop portraits in the old style instead of copying them from SC2. You could imagine filming a movie, and thousands of stories on custom maps were trying to get the most out of the setting. Does this not demonstrate how much the fans are willing to do for you, and how little you are willing to thank them for it? What should a zergling grab with its little hands? Is this a new branch of postmodern?

Other details have not escaped our eyes either, for example, the gradient blots that remain after the zerg, especially drones, are most striking. In the original, there is a relatively detailed corpse, in different colors. I understand that in vector graphics it is difficult to convey details, but this is just a mockery. A battlecruiser that has lost its faceted brutality because the game of contrast is gone. Even if you turn off the obviously excessive dynamic lighting, the image does not return. Zealots, who, like many infantry, now look very thin, incomprehensible in details and out of combat, their weapons no longer glow. Yes, this is canonical, but you yourself know the general impression if you read the discussion blogs.

We are not a political opposition and we will not criticize you for the sake of selfish interests, and we cannot be mistaken, since we love your product, perhaps more than you love our money. I just want you and us not to be ashamed of Starcraft. In addition to the above, additional work is possible. For example, before the release of Remastered, I translated hundreds of custom story maps into different languages, mainly Russian, but the game turns all the characters into a mess, despite the fact that Russian is now officially present even in the unimproved original, in the chat.

Further, I personally very much disapprove of the match waiting screen, where it shows a Marine / Hydralisk / Zealot in close-up. It looks childish, just like sc2 after some patches. And all the models that flaunt on the company selection screens are also sc2 style, and not the setting for which we come here.

It is not enough for Starcraft to be a balanced multivariate rts; the impression from it should create a picture pleasing to the eye. Of course, many would probably give up, saying that broodwar is too grotesque to improve on it. Very loud and repetitive sounds of death of units, Terran music is suitable to go through the campaign of the original, but does not convey the sensations of the second campaign and the multiplayer itself, and therefore, as a rule, it is the Terrans who keep it off, then the zerg.

However, not much needs to be changed for the game to fall in love with itself again. It is enough to at least return to the original style in which parts, in the opinion of the players, causes the greatest disgust. Have you asked the players’ opinions? You have sold the remastered as you announced it. You are known as a democratic company that can bring together a wide audience of different people, but this time you released a too fresh product.

I do not know what disagreements were in your team of artists, we may not even guess that it was possible that very tired people were finishing the product. I will say it again: everyone respects your work, but there can be no excuse for the armed zergling. Understand this. Why don’t you make the unit have a skin to choose from? Correct the unfortunate, return the impression from them to the state of the original, adding the ability (for money or not) to choose a spriteset for, for example, zealots.

Some of my requests are difficult to fulfill, it is better to ignore them, but play for a few minutes and you will see that the panel at the bottom of the screen needs to be redone and return to a smooth look. I can also complain about the Lurkers, they began to partially merge with the ground and generally do not create the same impression, even the mines became somewhat flatter, as if we were playing Starcraft in a browser on flash graphics.

How do you justify this? Optimized for performance? No one will believe this. Everyone knows that you released a crude product, and the most offensive thing is that such a big work done, perhaps on the initiative of people like me, on the other side … It just became another controversial stain on the company’s reputation. Starcrafters are your audience, not the clients who play wow, not the ones who amuse themselves in the hearthstone. We carry you in our arms, we love you, we talk about you, we bring an audience of people who make games to a cult. The rest are clients, not same as fans.

It sounded insulting, but deep down you yourself understand it. Blizzard - is BroodWar. By the way, the gameplay deserves a separate topic in the discussion, the fact is that the community loves to play maps that poorly reveal the advantages of races, for example BGH. I am the person who redrawn the map cell by cell for different textures without changing the landscape and scenery, I studied enough, and just played on it to conclude that this is not a map, this is a testing ground for the very beginners, where they can comprehend the basics of the team tactics (the importance of controlling the center and not becoming isolated from the team in any way). We could experiment with this, but players are used to not noticing discomfort, deny themselves and endure. After the remaster, there were especially many retrogrades, people seem to lose their taste.

It is not uncommon for people to complain that Blizzard, such a wealthy company, has nothing to do with lag. Is there really nothing you can do about it? Why do we play at extra high latency even with green ping of all players in the lobby? You promised not to change the game, in the end you changed only what was not worth touching, only to improve.

I ask people on the forum to support me if I missed any other flaws in a hurry. Here is a list that I personally see

  1. darken the bright elements in the command bar to contrast important details again
    2.1) Replace the hands of the zerglings with thorns (kinda), and balance the contrast so that they give the same impression as in the classics. I’m willing to work on this for hundreds of hours to draw you a perfect example, you just code and adapt it into the game. Because nobody will be against.
    2.2) Similar work needs to be done with Probe, Zealot, Hydralisk, Overlord, creep texture, lurker, ultralisk, Battlecruiser, Goliath. Especially with Goliath, it did not work out well, he is the main reason why I love the original more, and dozens of people agree with me. The units in this list do not need to be changed directly, but you need to work with the contrast of details so that they do not merge with the new textures of the ground, creep and generally convey the same impression as before. There must be a way.
    2.3) Something is wrong with the Marine and Firebat, I don’t understand what. They have lost some kind of simplicity and elegance, although if you zoom in on the camera, they look gorgeous, maybe it looks interesting on huge monitors, but on a typical home monitor, it seems to me, with a standard zoom, you can see too many unnecessary details, as by the way, at the barracks whose new markings constantly create the effect of the Evil Valley. As silly as it sounds. In the perfect world rax like these would not exist… but this is not the perfect world…

  2. Russian symbols in briefings, like many others, are needed in the original. They are in the chat, why did you remove support for what worked well before? It’s so easy. I don’t know yet who the team consists of, I really want to get rid of misunderstandings and, if not influencing you, then at least understand why you did this.

  3. Portraits. I know this is the hardest part, and you probably won’t go for it, but for example some Terran units are quite in the original setting, while the zealot is clearly from sc2. The hydralisk is very different, its protrusions (or probes) on the sides of the ridge along the entire tail have become far beyond the accent, the mandibles of the drone have lost their light tone, and the original drone is much easier to look at.

Don’t take people’s silence for acceptance. BroodWar deserves more than it currently has. By the way, I share the opinion of those who decided to leave the original FPS, but for some reason the transitions between frames became noticeably jagged, perhaps it would be possible to smooth these transitions without inserting new frames. It’s hard for me to say something about this, but I will note that I would pay x10 the price for the game, or maybe even x30, if only there was an opportunity to play without pillarboxes on the old graphics, with old portraits.

And something else. Access to ranked play only to those who bought the remaster greatly influenced the liveliness of duel lobbies. They have become rare, and strange people play in them. The main thing is that there are few of them, and in general, according to my feelings, the community of players has changed noticeably in five years. Intuitively, I want to blame the negligent approach to the remaster for everything: as if you set out to improve what you did not understand.

Once again: please forgive me (try) if for someone from your staff the work done is a great pride and result, but I want to say that it would not be difficult for the common good to optimize the appearance. Take a closer look, can’t you see? I was silent because I hoped that I was wrong, that I would get used to it. I hoped that something would change, because the things I described are obvious from the first second. It was painted by people who are not ready to play it themselves. Prove the opposite …

And the balance, in fact, is not quite as intended. You yourself know that Protoss Scouts do not work out their cost, in comparison with Wraiths, they do not even have invisibility, and their only specificity in the form of an extended view opens when it is even more unnecessary. Much of this game works well, but could work even better. Agree, no one will judge you if you make the Scouts a normal unit.

Afraid that the patch will make old replays incompatible? You know better than me how to make the game adapt to the patch replay.

Finally, after discussions about tastes, someone will ask me why I am so obsessed with Starcraft 1. I will answer that even though I strongly dislike all the units introduced in sc2 after WOL, BroodWar has something something that allows each match to be played differently, despite the fact that all the builds are calculated and known. In many ways, psychology is used not only in combat tactics, but also in general strategy. Much depends on who your opponent is, you both synthesize the dance. Many games of different genres cannot afford it. BroodWar has always been for me not just a game, but communication without words. A little deeper, considering how much distracting garbage people sometimes say out loud. Playing helps you express yourself and get inspired for something more. It’s not always about winning, despite the fact that in tournaments where the stakes are high, human ingenuity can present viewers with another non-obvious way to outplay an opponent. And Starcraft is good for that.

BroodWar - because it practically forces you to split the army into stacks and play on a wide front, with ten squads. The specific system of allocating units and pathfinding makes the battle more realistic, and the random spread in the speed of the attack of units eliminates the feeling of “uniform mass”, for which sc2 is so judged. sc2 has its advantages, like the mod on the game, it provides a different set of units, beautiful maps, high-quality music (I fell in love with that music so much that when I was a teenager I wore it on my player, on a trip), but like the gameplay - a completely different style, and for this style I loved the original, forgiving him everything that Carbot made fun of for the whole season. And I could ask the remaster for some flaws, but accidentally seeing the human hands of the zerglings, I realized that I wanted to personally look into the shameless eyes of the person who invented them. Why does he think you can laugh at our love like that? You already have a whole murloc game, even two.

Let us have just only orcs in space.

I agree with some points like the the graphics of certain units are to bright, and as such look to cartoony. Even though the end screen look really good, they are as you say to childish. They dont reflect the dirt and the gore of the orginal. In one sentence, many of the portraits + endscreens look way more realistic in the orginal. This applies as an example for the Hatchery nuked, Hydra on skulls, selected hatchery, specially selected wraith, selected corsair, etc.

Zerglings allways had hands attached, just look at the orginal Handbook and extra stuff …
example :
I can appreciate your energy and good will and i agree that many units look better more dark , more gore,etc. in the orginal broodwar. But in fact Starcraft orginal and broodwar is there because Blizzard had to change the game to not be orcs in space…
If you want Orcs in space this is your game -> 9gag.(com/gag/az9jPpq

And this is how starcraft was created …


take ( out of link…

Why would scouts need invicibility? Protoss already has that united and it is called ARBITER…
There is allways the talk about the Scout for patching, The problem is it shares its function with two other units that are better or cheaper, can do more stuff the corsair and the Carrier. Said that, it is allways a delight to see it in action in Professional games. And on money maps it is actually used quite often. And there are some normal builds with it. But y. it is allways the questionable unit.

Not even I read that, and i am the guy that read everything in here, damn…i thought I had the record for the longest thread ever, damn you i cant have ANYTHING in life right?, just a little thing i ask.

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@The100YOU, getting carried away is normal. I am fortunate to have fewer distractions, fewer bad choices of people around me. It is quite worth giving your favorite games a few days a month, given how much time people spend on repeating stories that have already been covered in life. I have a misunderstanding with those who treat games ONLY as entertainment, people generally love games for different things. For example, I don’t understand at all how some people can do one particular thing for a super long time, but they don’t understand why I don’t complete tasks. Perhaps an image has formed in your head that desires like mine require constant practice and a waste of time.

In general, yes, the usual way of life, inherent in a person, interferes with giving himself up to his work entirely, but I support periodic disconnection from reality for the sake of the project. I always dreamed of becoming worthy one day, but with my laziness, the task is rarely broken down into fragments, so all forces are mobilized for a leap, you call it brainstorming, but our tasks are of course easier. We just need not to die of boredom while filling out routine tasks between interesting fragments :slight_smile: If you feel that you don’t like me, then so be it, I have no more excuses in store. But since we are here, then we have common goals. Take a look at the next topic about mapmaking, you may be useful.

@The100YOU, I’m sorry, I seem to have misunderstood your request. I thought you were wondering how nolifer it takes to write that. I answered a little in vain, ignore it :>

@Leonix, I’m not sure if you gave the correct link. Maybe I read it inattentively, but it focuses on the fact that the image of the zerg developed quickly and without much difference, just like in the cinematics the hydralisk’s head is screwed to the ling, and at the ling itself, please do not forget, the fangs stick out, or as you call these ganglia on English? The very idea of ​​a zergling with hands is amusing, because we know this unit as fast, directing all its momentum and energy into cutting the most durable alloys, in fact it is a small centaur with a spear, a rider and his horse in one form. Imagine if a mounted knight was characterized by an attempt to crush an enemy with his hands or break off a piece of his armor.

This, of course, is worthy of a terrible story, but we are all used to seeing zerglings completely different, and I spoke about this image when I meant “it is not worth improving what is already working.” If millions of people did not notice the hands, then they are not there, even if they were meant there. Language serves man, not otherwise. Anyway, the department decided to use a lot of elements from sc2, and there you yourself know what zerglings are. While arc cannon tanks are still in the sc2 lore as a less optimal, outdated model used by frontier factions and mercenaries, then there were no zerglings with arms. And okay if these were incomprehensible things, but these are physically hands with five fingers and muscles like a human. They cannot do anything in combat, a rudiment that the purity of Zerg evolution could not afford.

Moreover, I will note that Starcraft was a damp game even at the end. I heard that the resources were invented 2 months before the release, and having rummaged in the names of the factions, having carried out an inventory of what each color corresponds to, having run through the plot scheme several times, it became clear that this is not so much a game as a product. They didn’t have time to put as much soul into it as they could, so there is nothing to justify the old developments, just make a game. The concept is known: the plot of the broodwar is a story about the colonization of America, where the protoss symbolizes that part of Europe that was too arrogant and wealthy to personally engage in colonization. The Forsaken Protoss combines both the culture of the South American tribes and the Arabs, especially given their matriarchy and experiments with voodoo, which, by the standards of central Europe, was enough provocation to expel the Inquisition.

The other references are, I think, too obvious to list. I personally do not like the tendency of Blizzards to parody everything in the world, for me it gives the impression that it is difficult for them to come up with something of their own, it is easier to emphasize their knowledge of world culture and add murlocs to the sketch. I hope it’s not forbidden here to criticize the company’s decisions a little, in the end you deserve it.

Let’s get back to the topic. I will probably still have to spend a few days learning how to draw good zerglings and show you how they should be seen. But this is not enough, they must be shown in motion, in battle, in extras and against the background of a different landscape. Believe me, they could only be realized by such murlocs as a result of negligence, and for a reason no one recognized them as hands. And if they weren’t so light and bright, they might not have been so annoying. You don’t think I’m the only one who will never get used to it? People are divided into those for whom it hurts a little and it hurts a lot.

Lol, y i myself allways thought about the hands as horn aswell…

I just wanted to point out that if you got the game with handbook, normal in the old days… You would see them with hands attached on some picture in there and as you see they also have the same hands attached in the ingame graphics just like the Hydras use the same graphic, but in an other size.
So it is not like they werent there… The question of revisionism on the unit based on popular perception is an other topic by itself. Just to comment briefly on that, in my opinion the artist has the last word, it doesnt matter what a million others say since the popular opinion can be manipulated and be wrong… And it doesnt matter if for an example that thousands believe that they can fly, when in fact everytime they jump of a cliff they fall straight to ground and die. On the other hand since starcraft is an artwork, the people are free to interpret it has they do, even if it goes against what the artist intended.
How many people saw them as horns also is questionable and is diffcult to judge without legatime polls,etc.
and even than …

As such the next/new artists for the remastered are responsible and can do as they wish. This can be said about all the starcraft remastered art release and in that way it goes back to your original post…
They undestood the old release in certain way and made there own re art of it. Based on what they saw, and their knowledge and maybe even soft powers of Starcraft 2, lore and the company itself. Like in Starcraft 2 they are that way, lets make so it legitimaces and doesnt contradict the continuity, etc.

As such it is normal that people have problems with the new art. Even if you make a new remastered many people will not be happy with things you do … For whatever reason …

And other reason also is the fact that the art design and technology used now a days or when remastered was created is based on this polished, vibrant, a bit cartoony, one color, full color art design and graphics that is common these days. Often used to make games graphics look better than they are, as they are perceived more sharper and also to save ressources in any imagineable way(computer graphics, money, artdepartment,etc.). This can be seen often at pre trailers of games like god of war in comparasion to the released game after. Where before the colors are more dirty, foggy like, realistic and take up more ressources, the whole graphics to show the game. To the actuall release that has stronger colors, take less ressources(of the hardware ,etc.) and that looks more cartoony.

About the story, isnt it obvious that they take inspiration of the real world, and make there own story from it. If they are good ?
Vodoo comes from the african cultures though and was brough to america by slaves… Specially in the Karibean part/ middle america…
The inquisition brought to America by the Spanish church, that in fact was all over Europe was a way to extinct and justify misstreatment of the mesoamerican, caribean, precolombian cultures. Vodoo doesnt have much to do with that… In fact considering the Spanish situation after the recoquista, and radicality of the spanish inquistion, they were kind of needing each other. Since Castilla and leon united Spain, this also brought immensly different cultures and ideas together and larg populations of jews, arabs, etc. which under the radical holy fight of isabella la catolica were forced to convert, flee, pay or die. Those needed to be controlled by a system and a legimacy, that being the catholic faith.

And after the discovery of America, all was kind of over the place, since some even thought … Colon being one apparently that America = Paradies from the Bible… Others thinking India,etc.
These “holy new lands” were filled with Gold by the stories that came back, even though this wasnt the Case, specialy after the conquista of empires like the Aztects and later the Incas that actually brought much gold back. All Scum, adventures went towards America, and since there was a technology difference between the people that came and those who lived there + misunderstandings + the spread of mass illness on the american continent brought by the European people, Haiti + dominican republic and later big parts of the continent fell fastly to the spanish crown invested expeditions. On their way many unimaginable actions were taken later legitimaced by the church. And one of the cores of that christanity is to spread its faith to save souls and what else, the crimes came to light and were debated in Spain as such the Church as institution perceived and condemned them, but of cours this doesnt mean they did much aginst them. On the other hand those adventorers often just wanted to enrich themselves no matter the cost and used anything they could and Spanish crown, church , etc. wanted a piece of it.

In all this you should not forget that about 85-90 procent of the native population in America died of illness long before the horror of Spanish conquest arrived at them, even though the diseases came from those Europeans apparently.
Decates later there wasnt even "Indios " left on Hispanola, the first island they landed on. Interestingly though some words of those cultures are still alive in our language and later spread to american continent through the spanish… Those being Tiburon( Shark), Canou, cacique, etc.

I think your analyze of the story is a bit off, and doesnt provide the full inside and as such can be questioned. In fact there were many waves of european colonaziation, obviously talking about the more modern new age and new imperalism in 18, 19 century…
As such i disagree strongly about your "arrogant and wealthy " point, in a broodwar sense it makes sense to critize the no colonaziation as arrogant and stupid, but in real world this more than questionable. Even if we take the ressource monopole expanding system of colonization into account.
First of to finance a expedition and later create a colony or something similar need those exact things wealth and arrogance and is more than questionable if it will actually result in some advantage or just more likely into a dump of wasted money. Specially if you have no idea what there is it the west or later in pirates, foreign powers, nature,etc. getting into your way. Specially if we consider countries like the German Reich that only got more and more problems because of their 19 century policy of “Schutzgebiete” playing Superpower. Specially under Wilhelm in the 90 of 19 century until into the war(ww1).

As such i think it is also a think about what the observer perceives from the story and wants to see. Like the fact that the Terran of Earth send a taskforce to deal with problems in the colony, foreing powers-> zerg, Protoss
And the coming inssurection of the colony …
If we take your example it would be like Mother Earth is England, colonies is colonies … Whatever the names are in the campaing and Protoss and Zerg are Spain in mexico, westcoast,etc., and other foreign powers trying to get a foothold there, and zerg like the indian tribes. In my opinion at least.

Going back to your offer, i will not say you should stop or so, but consider that anything published by yourself will most probally get shut down by Activison and Blizzard.
And since the real problem seems more to be the fact people just want the old art but on wide screen… There should be the priority. I also question your motives on this forum and of your big annoucement. What is the goal ?
Promise new graphics for one unit for a game that most likely will never be published, that most people will probally not like, when in fact the real desire is not to get new graphics from what it seems a random dude( Correct us) and most likely empty promises( Correct me). But to get the old graphics as sharp as possible on wide screens for modern monitors.

And with analyze the whole resentment, the sitauation is clear… The people are pissed about the game, but at the same time they love it. Why ? For once it is modern, we have global ladder, not some third party programms needed to be installed. All via the two softwares Battlenet, starcraft remastered. Than we have the new graphics and sound, even though many people dont like some things, many if not all are happy that there are new graphics and that the game has a new release. Adding to this helpfull things like the new options we have in settings. In game custom key to a degree,etc.
In all, Starcraft remastered did many things good.
In any siuation there would have been quakers, “lateral thinkers”(in the 2020/21 meaning), etc.
The real problem is that Blizzard gave promises over promises directly and indirectly that should have been in the first release version and came much later or still havent came, aswell as the fact that their support of the game since it release has been often awfull just like the release itself at point performance and multiplayer. To this date we have lagg problems, ladder problems-> ladder not working, random disconnects, overwhelming Buggs after each new big patch and entire silent treatments from blizzard. Add to that the fact that Stacraft has changed as a game, many remember it as a game you could install on any pc and just play it with friends,etc.
Since the new times of Windows 10 and it forced push by Microsoft, many people cant just play Stacraft remastered, free version or not. And if many have performance problems, add to that the fact of the old ingame interface while hopping around, not when you are playing. And the awfull Battlenet system that gives problem to communicate with friends other players,etc. and that is so uninstictive. In fact one thing cant be deny, Starcraft Remastered interface is to old for these days. When playing it works, but for everything that comes before or after playing or to change settiings …

Than we have the problem of connection that often makes problems, aswell the fact that one of the biggest communities in south america has been left out of the Remastered. They need a Gateway…
And Hackers are talking over the ladder day per day aswell as pahackers in custom games. There should be a place where they can be reported with feedback and there should be rules written and viewable when you go multiplayer, for everyone. The toxicity needs to stop it isnt bearable, it destroy the fun. And the buggs and problems that leads to this toxicity and need to be adressed.

These are the main problems and changes the game needs at the moment, in my humble opinion. And new graphics about zerglings having horns or not or hands or not, slide around this. And i dont see how a new remastered, a “back to the beginning” by your self can help here… Specially if it blocked by the company that owns the property. Though in fairness it cant be asked if Starcraft remastered failed as want many wanted because it wasnt build on a solid foundation. It already had big problems before they started or while they started making it. As such there can be a consideration about a new remastered by the community or whoever.
But despite this Starcraft remastered also brought back old players and also some new ones, that found and saw something in it that made them love the game that is somewhere in this mess. Something that they could use for their live. Inspire them to reach the top of the mountain. One of those being me :slight_smile: .

Have fun, good luck !!!

Writing :writing_hand: a lot is not necessarily an achievement.

I’m sorry, but I’ve to say this was hilariously the longest essay I’ve ever seen :scream:, OMG, just scrolling this takes much time :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, buddy you didn’t even include:

TLDR (Too long, didn’t read)

I’m an Artist. I agree there are Art details that could be done better, specially portraits and the ghost model for me. But there are also things that are done very nicely and you mention none of them, like the High Templar model, the Arbiter, the BC, the Devourer, the lobby background image is incredible, most of the buildings, etc. you seem to be completely fixated on the negative.

Sure we would love to have perfect details in everything, and is good for you to give feedback, but that is something that just wont happen under this management. Don’t know if you know, but ATVI stocks are higher than they ever been in many years, so they wont change anytime soon unless they are bougth by someone that really cares about this things like you clearly do, and I do too. That is just the reality of the game state.