Battle net icons / symbols explanations

Hallo, i have bean searching and the forum / internet after an explanation / manual for starcraft @ remaster icon explanations.

For example when you are logged in to battle net to play remaster - push join button and see lots of games - there are some time different icons showing next to game name , where do i find this manual to understand all this icons ? - i cant find the manual that explain this.


I ahve no idea about what you are talking …

Also looking for an explanation of these symbols. The ‘lock’ symbol is self explanatory but the other one is harder. Could this be the icon for the Battle Net desktop app? It looks like a ‘small computer tower’ or something, in front of the game name.

Is this an actual Battle Net generated symbol with meaning, or just a favored ASCII character inserted?


I’m wondering this too. The lock is obviously private game. The other symbol that I can’t figure out like everybody else is what this symbol is that looks like a computer tower with like rabbit ears on top of it.