Anyway to avoid game slowing down?

Hi guys,

I have recently changed my internet service provider. And for the first time in many years, I was able to play games that did not slow down, only for about 2 days. After 2 days, my games reverted back to slow games (about 0.9 times the normal speed). While talking to opposing players, I realized that many players don’t even realize that their games are slower than usual, implying that this may be a common problem to many players. Personally, I would prefer TR14 with no slow down over TR20 with slow downs. Those 2 days after I switched my internet service was simply a lot better even though I experienced lower TR on average. Would there be any way to keep games at 100% normal speed? I know this would mean lower TR but I would still prefer that.

It is necessary to adjust TR according to latency of Internet connection with other players. Choosing Dynamic TR is one way. Or try adjusting delay option provided by the game. (Hotkey: Alt+O+N) (ref.

Maybe you should do a system scan for malware or other infections
Try malwarebytes

This phenomenon has been there even when I used a brand new computer. So I know this is not an issue of malware. I have also watched pro-gamers’ broadcasts and have seen them commenting about games being slow.
This is a setting that Blizzard has implemented and I really think they should change it.