Another color topic complain. PLEASE DO SOMETHING

I cannot distinguish properly the colors and im forced to use shift tab to get yellow/red, but i see every enemy as red, so in the minimap u cannot know what player is there. Its really frustrating. Not to talk about black, that color isnt even fair, and u cannot ask every player to pick a color. Features likes this, supposedly to be for sheer aesthetics affects the game A LOT. This has to be addressed ASAP. At least give an option for 2v2 to have different default colors , like enemy is blue/red also… please blizzard ive played a lot 2v2’s and this is affecting my games a LOT, ive never had this issue on iccup. PLEASE.

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Restore Cyan and other colors you removed and let players to enable/disable extended colors while creating a lobby.

How many times I need to repeat this???! So simple solution.


shift + tab, not hard

The “shift+tab” option is not helpful for the more pro players. This has been discussed in other threads. Blizzard does need to do something about it.

Hello Roia, its me viciado, dont know if u remember me from iccup. That being said, u know im not some random noob and u know i play high lvl 2v2. So u basically saying that u can distinguish all the red units in the minimap? You know that in A+/ olimpic lvl play minimap is one of the bests tools. Seems like you dont use at all, do you?

I bet community didn’t beg iccup team to add extended colors back. Cyan, black and pale yellow were the part of the original extended set everyone so much wanted to be restored, what exactly did you expect to happen?

finally an intelligent answer

so basically what u are saying is that if someone ask you to do something thats gonna bring a issues in the short future for urself and others around you, you are going to do it? The game had the colors already but just on ums level. What adds this color to the gameplay? You are going to see it in black? yikes, geez boy, that really gonna help improve the game overall; lets disregard the real issues here like hackdrop and team 2v2 mmr, lets give em the colors that they want and f@ck up the gameplay. Really sounds solid here bro

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If they pay me money for that, then obviously. Besides, it’s not like they could have known the community suddenly will decide to change their mind. You lot are sending confusing signals - first you demand cyan and black, despite being perfectly aware how they will function (since they existed in this state for last 20 years), and now you suddenly do not want them because of… How they function?

First of all, ive never asked for this, in fact its the first time i complain about something in this forum. Ive been quietly waiting for the 2v2 ladder without saying a single word, even after they promised it long time ago. Second of all, remind me, wheres the money in changing colors? Are they gonna give them money cuz they changed colors? Are they gonna refund the game back if they didnt change colors? U wanna talk about making money? Capture the attention of old players that are scattered around playing another sh@t rts, release the 2v2 already, add significant features that do not compromise the gameplay but rather appeal to new users. Focus on the drop hack instead of asking for “proof” (it has already been provided).

Another point on your “if you ask them, u got it, then dont complain”. How many ppl have been asking for patch and balance updates? Yet blizzard hasnt realeased non of them. It affects gameplay directly. But since 2v2 has no competitive scheme it doesnt matter if u add the color a bunch of idi@ts asked for, hey! thats where the money is right?

Hi Viciado
If Scan plays using shift/tab with no problems, you can also.

Be aware that not everyone plays the same way. This is why customisable hotkeys have been a huge success. So just because some people manage to work with Blizzard’s silly updates in a particular way, it doesn’t mean everyone does.

scan is trying to make a living out of this game, he plays way much more than i do. I know that eventually i would overcome this by playing and adjusting to this patches, but why should I? its not like its imperative that the colors of the game should remain like this, in fact i had to get used to playing with shift tab in 2v2, i cannot expect everybody to pick colors. In the old days i also had problems in jungle theme maps like fighting spirit and brown color, but its just how the game is. This is not how the game is, its clearly a downgrade to make some minor player base happy. Its just plain stupid. You dont focus the few resources you have into lesser improvements like this. Its not only the fact of the color change, its the decisions that they are making that upsets me.

In 2v2 it doesn’t really matter too much about the colours. 3v3 and 4v4 is where it is a bigger problem, team communication is completely compromised, the sc:r team is pretty amateur though to even consider implementing multiple similar colours and creating an unheard of problem prior to this patch in a 20 year old game. It’s a little mind boggling that these decisions are made. I doubt anything will get fixed in this regard at this point


When I started in 2004 I had a lot of problems with colors too, if opponent was teal was very hard for me to detect him in the minimap. I started to use shift/tab long time ago without problems in 1v1 2v2.
In 3v3 I still use normal colors to know who of my allies is moving in the minimap.

Anyway I’m not saying you haven’t the right to ask for color changes, I’m just saying shift/tab solved my color problems 15 years ago.
I understand it’s maybe weird for you at beginning since you playing like that for years, but try it out. It works.

When is new patch? And are they going to clear the mess they made?