All of my accounts just disappeared

I was playing a game, I lost, left, then Ranked was grayed out

when I left I had no accounts


Same, not sure whats going on

Just logged on to see the same. Maybe a ladder reset?

youre not the only one. the population on USWest is currently way smaller than usual. We are all being effected. its really pissing me off how this game is always subjected to great neglect


In Europe the same. “Failed download options”. No account

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For Europe doesn’t work either…

same lost all accounts

Same problem from Europe

Same issue, tried to create a support ticket but after “submit” just spins and chucks me back. Hopefully they’ll fix it soon

…drug withdrawal starts. i need play

Same here lads, cannot download settings and no more account available… Even bought Remastered so i can try fix it…

same issue here, “download failed”, it is week-end please !!

then play somewhere else, lol

working for me now so gg :smiley:

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