Absolute noob guide to modifying SC AI (no mods)

Fully compatible with SC: Remastered AND SC 1.16.1

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It’s my first tutorial ever, so please comment on the quality of it.


This is very helpful for the likes of me; can it be used to affect Melee AI?

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It works only on UMS. However, you could modify all the insane AI’s and execute Zerg insane if opposing player owns a hatchery, Terran insane if opposing player has a Command Center and Protoss insane if player owns a Nexus

Of course, you have to be wary of this old bug
tl (.) net/forum/brood-war/569291-zerg-ai-scripts-not-working
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I encountered way before 1.15 even, so it has nothing to do with Remastered

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Absolutely :100: interesting.
The fact that doesn’t requires :skull: modding makes it the solution for me. Due the fact the only thing that kept my attention over mods was the AI customization. I have suspected there was a way to avoid modding.
I’ll have to check :heavy_check_mark: that out and try it as soon as I can.

Re-arranging built-in/Blizzard/default AI build order steps, well, might be interesting/fun for a while, but it doesn’t make the built-in AI smarter/stronger, and it’s also not easy for every1 to modify,

If you want a REAL custom AI, but works only for SC 1.16, (But Bli :zzz: ard will add it to SCR in the next 20 years, hopefully :roll_eyes:) there is BWAPI, BWAPI Revamped.


But, you could use a BWAPI AI as a template to modifying one stock AI, right?
Open one BWAPI-modified ai/bwscript.bin file, copy the contents of a modified AI, paste into a stock AI in a stock ai/bwscript.bin, like insane, or whatever, actually, save and export to triggers. Am I wrong?

BWAPI works only with SC 1.16, and its not at all like the built-in AI (computer) which BWMetaAI uses, BWAPI AI takes control of a human slot/player, uses a full-fledged programming languages (C++, Java, etc…) and have full-access to the game engine/memory, you can let it play vs you, instead of you, or with you, in a single/multi player game, its not related to UMS maps or triggers or insane AI, bc as I said, it’s a human player !

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Interesting. That means that at no point, aiscript.bin or bwscript.bin are modified, right? AND at no point an aiscript.bin or bwscript.bin files are requested by the game. Chaoslauncher redirects the AI request loadup to ExampleAIModule.dll intead of the AI files in MPQ or CASC files. That’s actually pretty cool.

On the other hand, not everyone wants custom AI’s or to create bots. Some just want their missions just a little bit harder. In my case, I only wanted Tiamat Brood to train Hunter Killers in Eye of the Storm instead of Hydralisks, nothing more.

Yes exactly BWAPI automates/simulates the actions of the human player.
BWMetaAI is cool for map editing indeed, especially if you’re bored from the Custom AI or the Insane AI, personally I like the campaign as it is, but this is just my opinion.