12 hatch does not work against protoss

…but I still got a win vs 120apm 2gate protoss.

So I did a perfect 4 worker split.

8 drone , overlord
12 drone, fast expand
drone drone
3 hatch

bade thing is I made 2 more drones without seeing the 2 gte coming.

So he hits my FE hatch before it has enough creep to expand sunkens on and I get 2 ling spawns on it before it dies.

I fight out of a hole as 1 base zerg and get a win anyway, because he got cornered in my base with his zealots

lucky me…and I whined about how weak zerg early game is too. loll.

Where can I host replay, I’l show you. Perfect 4 worker split, and 12 hatch FE, and it’s not anywhwere near fast enough to save the expansion from the 2 gate zealot rush.

You would need to 9th hatch in order to have time to get a sunken and extra lings to stop this guy, which nobody goes 9 hatch vs protoss in pro gamers anyway…and i’d need to drone scout and scout both overlords, or I still wouldn’t be ready.

So I counter-attack because he’s not a “good” 120apm player, and somehow doesn’t have as many probes nor an expansion as I thought, so I even the scales a bit.

They need to decrease spawning pool back to 150 minerals, the way it was when Broodwar was first released, before the 1.08 balance patch wrecked zerg.

Anyway, that was “Fighting Spirit”

Not sure what race that map favors, but I would have lost if the opponent didn’t suck balls after the 2 gate opener. The fact I was 1 base zerg vs 2 base protoss and made a comeback speaks volumes to my skills.

Zerg is at a disadvantage against Terran and Protoss until the Zerg has 38 drones, that’s 30 on minerals and 8 on gas, then it starts to favor the zerg.

I stopped training units to rant about balance, but I don’t know what the opponent’s excuse is, but I won.

I used to be able to beat slow zealots with slow hydralisks, like if I had 6 ranged hydras with no speed, I could beat 6 slow zealots with splits and runaround micro. I can’t do it any more. I guess I’m getting way too old to play broodwar, oh well.

by the way, I can’t play worth a crap any more. My zerg apm was only 50-something that game, which is pathetic. Maybe that happened because I never got beyond one base, I don’t know. I should be 120apm I fI had practiced…and I mean I SHOULD be A+ 120 apm, but I played like an F- and still won. lol.

Anyone know a site that hosts SC: BW replays?

I want to demonstrate a perfect 12 hatch opening cannot stop a perfect 2 gate opening.

Here is th ereplay:

Again this is a PERFECT 12 hatch and it doesn’t morph in time to stop a 2 gate. it’s far corners of the map too, so there’s no way zerg could 12 hatch on a smaller map and survive.

When Toss goes 2gate opening, you are supposed to canceal 3 hatch (3rd base).
Your opening isnt the “perfect” 12 hatch vs Toss, you need to build it at 11, directly after the hatch. Otherwise they f. you up … 12 hatch/11 pool / … At least if you want to “standart” …
The pool timing is the most import thing vs Protoss your third and gas you can delay, the pool not so much…
Also, now a days overpool into 11 hatch is pretty standart since it protects you vs early Protoss agression. And shuts down the the possible delay of your nat and third by the probe/ and later zealots(though you really should put down your 2 hatch even with probe harras-> at your 3rd if you cant put it on your nat) . Now a days Protoss often open with gate first into fast expand and 2 gate in main is also pretty common on the ladder. With overpool into 11 hatch, you pretty much win the game if they are to greedy and defend 2 gate, if you dont f. up to much. With overpool you have allways have the option for aggression and early gas for lings speed-> while punishing greedy toss or fast lair to save first overlord/ go kill first corsair/s with scourage, while scouting. Also i think you get ling speed if toss 2 gates + at least one sunken at nat, use drone drill if you need it, dont let him block ramp to nat with 2 zealots. I have seen many Toss go gate expand into forge than nexus before even cannon … Or things like that

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It does, easy and well.

12 hatch, 11pool.

You never drone after ur hatch, always pool immediately.

If you know toss is FE you can keep droning after pool, otherwise you always ling. 8 lings pop at same time, 6 from main 2 from expo. It defends fairly easily unless you’re severly out micro’d.