Unlock all difficulties for fully prestieged commanders

I just wanna be able to queue up for brutal+2-6 without begging in the chat for 30 minutes every game, please give me something here, work with me please.


Unfortunately you have to Queue up Brutal +2~6 or else the queue will get ridiculous and you have to wait for really long time.

If you want to solo particular mutation, just play Maguro Maps available in the Arcade.

Also pristine time plays a critical factor (very few plays in dawn time).
Brutal+ still had longer queue time than Brutal though sometimes you have to wait at least 3 minutes (at least it did for me).

I’ve never experienced any long queue times in co-op, might be just because I only play brutal and brutal+ which are probably the most popular, but if they find that queue times DO become a big issue, then I’d be just as fine if they only opened like two of the difficulties, like brutal+3 and +6 or whatever.


It’s also ridiculously stupid you can’t queue for Brutal+1 until level 15, despite the fact that you can queue for mutation at level 5, which are at least as hard as Brutal+1, and past level 5, it would be optimal to do Brutal+1 to speed up the prestige grind.

You should be able to queue for all.

The thing is, some Brutal+ mutation with right combo is a great challenge even for full mastery, and the developers put a stop to any level lower than that from entering. If you can’t take care of yourself then you become dead weight and devs wanted to prevent that.

Not always, Brutal+ do yield greater XP but it also decreases the stability and time consumption.
Some mutations hard counters others and drastically decrease your success rate, it is better to do it in brutal where it’s safer.
Besides, master levels (non-blue levels) are very rare since the prestige patch showed up, so having both blue levels to take brutal+ is bad.

There are more people who are willing to help in chatrooms (you just need to be patient and very persistent).

I can just see the conflict of interest between parties.

We got topics discussing how absolutely horrible some people are for leeching just a simple brutal game, “not carrying their weight”. While request here to allow open queue for brutal+.

Not on any sides, just the hilarity of this actually happening and how people will react haha.

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You know what map you are getting as well as what mutations. On brutal+1, you don’t know what to expect. So without the full level 15, it’s possible to be at a complete disadvantage. Tychus with Black plague and kill bots. Zagara or Stukov on transmutation. Some commanders get completely destroyed on certain mutations. With the brutation, you know what to expect and how to counter it. That is why.

They could add a slider to the game that goes from 1-15 in blue then 1-90 in gold. If you set it all the way to 90 you will only get matched with players at full mastery and receive regular exp per match, if you set it all the way to 1 on the blue side, you will get match with commanders with no mastery at lvl 1, but you’ll get some level of bonus exp per match. Personally I dont mind carrying people and would be down with the bonus exp, and people who do mind could just shut them out.

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Yeah, in theory but wouldn’t that make matchmaking a nightmare?

Nah. Brutal is 100% XP, Brutal+1 is 175% XP, that’s a huge increase in XP, for little increase in difficultly. I have no found a single person to help in the chat room since the patch launch. None.

This is laughable. Literally no one believes that mutations are easier than Brutal+1 even without knowing what the mutators are. All Brutal+1 mutations are quite easy. I never choose commanders for mutations, except for the insane ones like Memorable Boss, Cold is the Void, and none of those mutators can occur in Brutal+1.

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Again…You don’t know WHAT mutations you are going to get. For instance, you can get mine sweeper/orbital strike on Temple of the Past. Guess what? You lose in a few minutes. Nothing you can do. Some maps screw you in terms of mutations of being just game breaking. Some commanders cannot handle even the easy mutations and need a hard carry. Ever think about that?

You are right in some extent lot of players use their best commanders to speedrun maps very quickly even in their blue levels.
For me I am confident enough to clear Brutal+ (Void Thrashing) with blue level Dehaka (Very quickly with mastery).
However generally this is not recommended because some commanders in lower level doesn’t have that right power to deal with it (Lot of them are restricted by difficult conditions).
You got to be lucky to meet someone who is kind/bored enough to help/carry you through Brutal+ in blue level.

Unfortunately so many people are too occupied with prestige grinding… so yeah. Good Luck.

He is right. There are some Brutal+ that boasts crazy synergy that reach Brutal+2 or even +3 (Void Thrashers + Life Leech + Diffusion (My 4 Tyrannozors died killing one)).

Also, the Temple still takes damage from Mines + Orbital…

No, I don’t, because the situation never occurs. I don’t go into a Brutal+1 game thinking, oh noes this is impossible.

Your attempt to paint Brutal+1 as hard because you don’t know the mutators is laughable. It’s not hard, mutations are harder even knowing the mutators, and it doesn’t need a level 15 requirement.

A level 0 commander has a medium chance of losing in a Brutal game, yet can still queue for it. Why can people queue for a Void Rift or Heroes of the Storm mutation at level 5, even though this is impossible?

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Well, that’s cause your lack of thinking is…laughable. Some brutal +1 mutations can be easy. Some aren’t. Sometimes, you get the impossible roll. To say it never happens it a thinking fallacy. The point is, I am glad that weekly mutations can be done no matter the level cuz I know what map and what mutations I get. You don’t get that with B+1. I don’t know why that is so hard for you to understand.