StarCraft II 5.0.10 Patch Notes

StarCraft II 5.0.10 Patch Notes

Patch 5.0.10 has arrived. Check out the detail!

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No balance changes apparently


I’m just sad we’ll never get Golden Age building skins for Protoss.


Nice to get a patch. Worth noting that the map pool is from a month ago and the portrait is from five months ago. Apparently Inside Out is an old version, not the version ESL is using. There’s still a long-running league portrait bug as well as newer bugs like in-game voice chat missing.

I appreciate the work but I hope it won’t be another four months before any further communication.

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Game doesn’t need it. (imo)


Thanks for taking care of the game seasonal changes (the map pool), and for providing us patch-notes.

Now the game still faces some issues.

  • It is my understanding that it’s unlikely we’ll ever get measures to reduce the pressure of freelosing smurfs (leaving a lot of ladder games in the first seconds in order to get matched against weaker opponents). We’ll probably have to deal with that behavior by ourselves ; yet I wanted to mention that there has been an increase in complaints threads about it in the General Discussion section.
  • However if something could be done to fix the recurring league-placement bug (where some users get mistakenly placed as bronze or master despite having a gold or platinum MMR), that’s also something I think most players would appreciate.
  • The balance has improved with the latest balance patch, IMO ; with a return of ground based strategies in PvZ (mass gateball styles in particular), less proxy batteries-VR in PvT, while TvZ seems alright since the lurkers nerf (from both side, and with several styles), and mirrors mostly fine. I wonder however if the PvZ Zergs’ nerfs (the transfuses in particular) didn’t have more impact than the Protoss’ ones. Yet it’s good to know that the eventuality of distant balance patches isn’t ruled out though, if the need should arise.

Anyway, thanks for supporting SC2 ! :slight_smile:


Isn’t introducing 7 new maps an overkill ? Normally every season there are like 2-3 new maps. 7 is too much IMO, some players use their specific playstyles on certain maps. Now we have literally to adapt to whole new mapset.

We seriously need a new rotation for team maps to keep things fresh and interesting, but definitely not from Wings/Hots as the new units & balancing from LOTV have rendered them completely obsolete. Here are some fairly balanced LOTV maps that should be placed back in:

2v2: Efflorescence LE, Magma Mines, Traitor’s Exile
3v3: Rosebud LE, Backcountry, Bastion of the Conclave, Augustine Fall LE, Snowbound Colony, Doraelus Hills
4v4: Troizinia LE, Sunset Valley LE, Sacred Grounds, Multiprocessor LE


What they meant by “necessary balance fixes” in the end of development announcement is fixes for massive issues, such as someone discovers an unintended scenario or exploit that breaks the flow of the game.

They dont mean balance passes. There’s never going to be just general balance adjustments anymore.

This is wrong. We even had a balance patch “lately”. Void ray buff got more or less reversed, shield bat nerfed, queen cant transfuse off creep, etc.

Balance is now in the hands of pro players and was (unofficially) announced to be after dh. So it isnt that far away.


Sludge City was also a great 2v2 map, as I recall.

The problem with Sludge City was the super reaper pressure builds.

a ‘patch’ that only changes map pool… and you cannot watch your old replays with friends any more

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Hahaha thats a nice … patch, I was almost certain this was a bumped thread before clicking here. Good that they update with some maps once a year better than never.

Why does the replays window mini map don’t have the players race and color symbol?
Why does this new patch don’t include in the replays window an indicator if it were a ranked game, and if it were random race, and whom were victorious and a mark of whom surrendered?

The patch was only for adding new re-skinned variations of the same few 16 base 2 player maps that have been being recycled and rebranded in LotV for years. Not for other changes.

These are a joke. The only thing in these “Patch notes” is a nod to serral, and some maps. No fix to the reoccuring MMR bug, or any other issues. You could have put this in a twitter post rather than on your website.