StarCraft II 4.12.0 Patch Notes

why the change on oracles revelation?

More reasons to leave it, thanks blizz :star_struck:


PvsT was 69% in the GSL Season 2 qualifiers:

In addition, 10 Protoss qualified for GSL Season 2, while only 5 Terran qualified for GSL Season 2.

Then you take into account the performance of Protoss in all offline premier qualification tournaments in 2020:

  1. 10 Protoss qualify for IEM Katowice group stages out of 23 qualification spots
  2. 7 Protoss qualify for GSL Super Tournament out of 16 spots
  3. 7 Protoss qualified for GSL 1 out of 24 spots
  4. 10 Protoss qualified for GSL 2 out of 24 spots

And then you look at the performance of Terran in the same offline premier tournaments in 2020:

  1. 5 Terran qualify for IEM Katowice group stages out of 23 qualification spots
  2. 4 Terran qualify for GSL Super Tournament out of 16 spots
  3. 9 Terran qualified for this GSL out of 24 spots
  4. 5 Terran qualified for this GSL out of 24 spots

With the new buff to shield batteries, will the shield battery buff make the PvsT win rate even more favored for Protoss?


The knitting club will rise again.


again, more unnecessary changes made, based on basically nothing

official statistics place protoss in the lead of this matchup at about 51% protoss win for the last two months, despite trailing for about a year.

pretty sure blizz themselves said their policy was 5%+ was something they would look at changing.

so instead of giving players time to adapt to the game and develop new strategies and counters, they change it! haha

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PvT was a perfect 50% in TSL #5 during both qualifier and main event


This cactus just keeps spewing the same loser stats all the time that mean nothing.

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I bet battery overcharge only lasts a season before its removed. No one wants another attempt at this nexus gimmick ability blizzard has tried like 4 times now. It is going to be frustrating to play against, and will feel lame to use


Without the best three Terrans! I love how Terrans kept saying here that Zerg did atrocious in Code S because Serral wasn’t there… but then say INCOMPLETE and misleading information like that.

That’s a flat out WRONG and very misleading statistic… 8 Terrans made Code S, not 5… less Terran qualified through qualifiers because of how well they did in Season 1, they didn’t even need to qualify!!

I guess qualifiers hold more weight than actual tournaments now… :man_facepalming:t2:

With all due respect, Protoss isn’t overpowered and you are wrong.


This guy keeps posting this in every thread although its meaningless. Everyone has refuted it and given him reasons why its stupid to keep posting. But like a typical terran whiner facts and logic don’t click for him


Does Loading screen banners open sales?
Edit: İ want Seat of the Highlord Banner :slight_smile:

When Terran whiners are happy you know you screwed up


It blows my mind that zerg players who had their race win 7 premier tournaments in a row are upset at buffs to other races. Absolutely blows my mind.

So you’re saying we should balance the present game based on results from previous years and patches? Sorry but the game isn’t balanced around 2017-2019… we’re in 2020 now. I guess you’re not necessarily the smartest of the bunch.


Lets see where the next patch takes us. If terran wins 7 premier tournaments in a row, at least I’ll admit terran is doing well. When zerg won 7 premier tournaments in a row, all you did was call terrans whiners.

That’s because you don’t understand the difference between balance and winning a tournament

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Stop balance whining then.

Next time just say “I have no idea what I’m talking about”


Coming from someone who didn’t see any issues with 7 zerg premier tournament wins in a row.

I guess you’re not that sharp

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balance and winning a tournament dont overlap? I’ll remember than when terran starts winning tournaments and you complain.

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