Starcraft 1 - a few thoughts on Zergs

Zasz is killed by Zeratul in Mission 6 of first Zerg campaign, while Tassadar was doing diversion on the Char.

Cerebrates are immortal and can be stopped only by void powers, which is source for energy of Dark Templars, and a force Amon uses.

On Zerus we learn that Zergs, and particularly Overmind are heavily influenced by Amon, what ends up in a very cool logical sense for me.

Do you think Blizzard had clear future plans for further explanding of the universe, or developed idea of void while making SC2?
What do you think? I haven’t reached Duran missions yet while replaying SC1, so I may be missing some parts.

I guess they did both and would do it.

Not quite correct. As far as I remember, Cerebrates aren’t immortal, but if they die from natural causes (Like in the 3rd mission of Episode 3 in SC1), Overmind can resurrect them. Dark Templars, on the other hand, can break the link between Overmind and Cerebrate, blocking for the Overmind the ability to ressurect.

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Actually… By judging ending of first Zerg campaign.

Overmind knows about Xel’naga, purity of form and purity of essence. He says “two races will be made into one”, what makes me think that Amon promised Overmind to become a hybrid, similarly to Ma’lash and other Tal’darim.

Perhaps by conquering Aiur, Overmind summoned Samir Duran to this reality?

“The hour of judgement is come!”. Brings memories from WoL… For long-living entity like Overmind, a few years is actually very short.

But we the player also needed dark templar or at least dark templar energies to kill the Overmind. If you the Overmind is doing the resurrecting and dark templar is just breaking the link to cerebrates then the player should be able to kill the Overmind without the dark templar.

Well, that’s what was said, Overmind can ressurect (and did ressurect himself) Cerebrates during 1st Zerg campaign, and said Dark Templar energies are very similar to his own, so SeriousWolf is right.

Seems like more of developer oversight, maybe due to the engine, or that players don’t get into infinite cycle “Oh god, The dragoon killed the cerebrate instead of Dark Templar! We are doomed!”

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You take a pretty big jump from Mission 6 to Zerus and amon.