Smurfing ruins the game

I totally agree with your post, but i feel like the whining crowd prefers their feelings over facts.
It’s nothing but attempting to feel empowered by policing the world so that their feelings can’t be hurt.

some of us actually want to play the game and earn our points instead of getting free ones from smurfs. No…not a huge deal to re q, but how you can’t see any issue whatsoever with smurfing is…confusing…its not totally game breaking…doesn’t mean it’s a great thing either.

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I see many players losing 10 games in row and then winning 5-10 games in row , the problem is here but i doubt they gonna address that-

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Ther’e’s a complete full post about this here. You’ll understand both how a smurfs do stay at low level, and why they’re doing it.

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I’m not sure you understood.

1 - Longer queue time would be applicable one people with excessive freeloses only. In other words, only to people who want to lose fast a great number of games.
2 - Some people do smurf on their main account, just by maintaining it under their maximum league. Most smurfs use secondary accounts though, but the point is rather either for them to be forced to recreate new accounts (i.e. 10 days of wait) , or either for their opponents to know they’re trolls before hand. A prank is much less efficient/funny when your interlocutor knows since the start that you’re trolling.

As I said, you need 10 days before being able to play ladder on free accounts. Ask someone who leaves games in 0:01s to wait 10 days instead, you get the picture.

Plus, Blizzard wouldn’t even need to ban smurfs. There are editors that created functions like “disconnecters hell” in order to deal with that, the result of it being that disconnecters end up being primarily matchmaked with others disconnecters. Which would indeed make their smurfs attempts pointless.

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thanks for the feedback, it would be cool if they could fix it. I’ve never posted before because in instances like this i tend to go with a “learn to play response” but i had, i think, 10 instaquits in a row when i wrote this last night. I don’t know what the right solution is, but at least a few people seem to agree.

Yes smurf is definitely bad but there is no way to avoid it, specially with free 2 play. Not to mention SC2 have a great system to make smurfs get quickly to their leagues which is provisional MMR in the first 25 games of the account. The good thing is that it doesn’t take long for the smurf to go above your league.

IMO Barcoding is even worse than smurfing but there is no way to avoid it.

What we can do is bring the devs’ attention on it. Upvote, comment, the bigger it becomes, the more likely we’ll catch their eye.

And yeah, typically smurfs would either answer by “L2P noob”, or “are you crying ?”, when it’s not straight up insults right off the bat.

It can take as long as they want if they freelose (which is the only problematic type of smurfs). I’ve linked a thread that explains it in detail.

Can you give us some examples that would substantiate your smurfing claims? What does the player do that signals to you they’re smurfing at your level of play?

If they’re on separate occassions, it’s totally normal to have good/bad streak.

Especially at odd hours when you run into the same person 3-4 times and they just quit instantly upon seeing you.

I’ve an idea that could be easily implemented. Simply disable the quit game option from the F10 menu for a timed period (similar as resource sharing in team games), lets say ~3 minutes might be a reasonable time to “show” the quit game option.

So the only way this people could do is to close the app entirely and get discouraged for doing so every time since it takes some time to login.


My idea that was posted on the old forum in regards with delaying the time that you can requeue a match.

5:00 Minute delays coincides with the duration of the match.
25:00 Minute game, doesn’t affect you.
4:30 Minute cannon rush, please wait 30 seconds.
Insta-leave, please wait 5 minutes.

You’re completely right. They’ve killed this fing game, and I LOVE the game, I just hate the fing players. It’s f*ing bullsht, cowardly dickheads with no balls. This game is a piece of art, it’s amazing and I commend Blizzard for everything they’ve done. I think it’s the single best game ever made. Unfortunately, it’s full of lame piece of sht who make new profiles because they think it’s funny. It’s not a small issue either, it about 30-40% of my games now. And since it went free to play… Yeah, THAT was the nail in the coffin. RIP SC2, the players killed you.

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The solution to this problem is pretty easy and it is implemented in other ranked ladders.

If someone leaves a game he gets 10 minutes penalty (i.e. he can’t queue for a game) for second leave in a row he gets 20 minutes then 40 and 1h. I doubt someone would have the nerve to wait so much to ram his rank.


Smurfs have a right to enjoy the game as much as anyone else. Seems boring to me, but if they want to spend their SC2 time bashing noobs, so be it. For the people being bashed, look at it as a learning experience. You can probably learn a lot from watching those smurfs’ replays.

What if he plays against people in his league like everyone else?. That’s not enough?. It is not the fault of others that he does not tolerate losing. I find it sick that someone finds it funny to crush noobs. What is the purpose of that?

Am i smurfing if I master one race, and decide to learn an offrace, and use a strategy that I’ve lost to and do it well, and d!ckstomp someone in a low league, because my offrace is low mmr?

Fun fact: 50% of 1v1 players leave the game before the match is over. The other 50% are the winners.

No, the problem is people who quit games to lower their mmr.

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