Portraits! (15 char)

Seems it was the APIs being down causing the issue, so folks if you wanna have a bit of personality and are stuck with the SC2 logo, sign off and on. Worked for me at any rate.


Thanks! Worked for me too.

Thank you for the information!

You just released us from a curse, ty

Well hot damn!

Now I only look like one other person on these forums :wink:

Thanks! It worked here as well.

Worked like a charm, though I am stuck with this marine picture, tried everything, nada.

That’s weird, maybe do you play primarily outside of the the North American server?

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I’ve signed off and on through various means and nothing’s worked.

What am I missing?

My bad Rick, just figured forums are separated. Yeah, I’m on Eu server, and got all achievements there. Derp…

Signed off and on in the forums?

At the start of the whole issue I opened a ticket for the issue, they suggested changing the on game portrait and then signing off and on in the forums.

Different browsers, Battle.net, changing avatars - nothing’s worked.

Well that sucks, maybe if you open a ticket they’d have something else to try?

I wonder how much of it is due to the cloud being absolutely hammered across all the major providers with so many people working from home?

If you’re using a newer portrait: the portrait sheet on the forum end still hasn’t been updated in months, so that may be causing it.

My first choice portrait is the Tauren Marine, one of the oldest.

Same issue here but it’s silly considering how easily Blizzard could have linked the forums. User profile data makes it straightforward. And is available to anyone logged in; some publicly accessible.

  1. Click on the username or portrait in a forum post. Takes you to the user’s Forum Profile page.
  2. Change the us at start of the URL to eu :arrow_right: https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/sc2/u/IDieALot-21178
    • Or, for Asia, change the us to kr and also change /en/ to /ko/
      • mine on Asia is: https://kr.forums.blizzard.com/ko/sc2/u/aneroid-11199
    • (the user and you need to have a profile in the region-account and have logged in to the forums at least once.)
  3. On that page, “View Profile” opens your Game Profile for that region, where all the portraits unlocked from achievements, purchases, etc. are available - https://starcraft2.com/en-us/profile/2/1/7931045/rewards?rewardId=portraits

Can’t imagine that it’s particularly hard to have linked/automated all those.

Btw, if you change your portrait in-game, then you need to logout from the forums and re-login for it to get updated on the forums.

Still stucked with the SC2 logo. Ingame, I have lv17 Terran profile picture, the banshee.

Maybe is because I play on EU server and this is US forum?

EDIT: yes, thats the reason. But EU forum is pretty much dead (1 discussion every 2 days or so in general, with many sub forums non existant like co-op).