Patch 5.0 - Cleared All Anniversary Achievements; Ladder Issues; Coop Leveling Disorder

For me personally, most of the prestige skills suck and make me not want to prestige more than half the commanders even once, let alone 3 times.

I dont mind them having drawbacks, I actually like that aspect. But many of the positives you get dont match the negatives for a lot of the skills, or are simply nearly worthless anyway.

That I’d agree actually. I ended up playing normal more than a prestige talent hahah. Like Raynor for e.g., how does removing mules equate to 100% more hp for bio? I can spam enough mules and rax such that my army stays at 200 most of the time. And the reinforcement is on-site due to hero ability. 100% more just seems meh…

Imagine having marines that had 110hp instead of 55. Raynor’s is one of the better ones. And that’s saying something, its mediocre at best.