Patch 4.11.0 co-op is full of bugs

FYI, ramp bug is there and it make protoss final campaign (salvation) so easy on brutal, bug happen when start new mission, if load previous saved game no problem. DEVS should inspect this (save game prior to mengks patch and after) and stop accusing graphics card as the cause. I got also other bugs like dropped on coop start, and stretched map terrain (this not happen on older save game).


Gtx980, not that hardware matters at all in this case.

Same bugs
The bug has to do with the game can’t read map editor data properly.

I’m playing on a bloody toaster with a GTX 260 and don’t have any graphical glitches, game looks just fine and ramps work. At least when I’m not getting the instant dropped glitch like half of the time.

RIP D3D9 device… RIP :sob:

releasing an unplayable patch that they had months to test and no fix in 10 hours. it seems like the best and the brightest have left blizzard to work for Epic Games.


And how many approximately to wait when the problem will be solved?

We are still investigating a complete solution to the desync and graphics display issues but a work-around available to players is to change their windows operating system regional format settings to English.

If you are experiencing this issue and are able to operate windows in English regional format settings here are the steps:

For windows 10, click on the search icon on the taskbar, and search for “settings”. Run the settings app and click on the “Time & Language” option. From here, click on the “Region” tab and in the “Regional format” dropdown select “[English (United States)]”.

If you cannot find this option you need to go to the “Language” tab and add a preferred language “English (United States)”.

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funcionou na campanha dos zergs. thank you guys

yeah the mission was to easy lol

I ain’t doing any workaround. You morons should test more thoroughly before releasing completely broken patches.

Do tests and learn to make polished games again, Blizzard. Please.


So you are telling us that ur patch is only working for people using qwerty keyboards? Nobody told you there was a world out of united states?


Its not answer on my ask… You can search for a solution for both a week and a month

Guess that’s what happens when blizzard releases a new patch for their games without making a 6 months PTR before hand where the players have to tell Blizzard what is wrong and buggy on their own games.


Also experiencing the same issue with dropping from the game even with English (United States) regional settings… Now I cannot even join Ranked games because “I do not meet the requirements”. Been playing ranked for 1-2 years now…

Cannot join any ranked games! Says “you do not meet the requirements”!

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Ranked games disabled

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This patch was such a rushed and crappy job, that you still had typos in the upgrade descriptions for the new commander. Wake up Blizzard, you’re not a student pulling off an all-nighter before he has to hand in his essay, you’re a billion dollar company and we expect better than this pile of steaming crap that you dumped on our computers. It’s bad enough that Windows is releasing patches that ruin your OS (at least there’s Linux to switch to), but now you too, Blizzard? I hate End Stage Capitalism…


Yes, so crap, you must be able to break the whole game engine, take off my hat

helps like a corpse resuscitation

I found a simpler temporary fix to bugs with ramps and ground textures: in “regional settings - formats - additional setting” you need to set “Decimal symbol” to “.” (dot). No need to change a whole system region/language, no need to reboot. As I see it, it is a bug in XML parsing, that uses system settings to parse real numbers.
Edit: As this post become pretty popular, I need to clarify one thing: you need to change “Decimal symbol” for numbers, not currency.