Nydus Worm is broken beyond repair

I literally fly my Vikings around and kill all the overlords, then I focus on my army. Next thing I know; the **** WORM is exploding all over my main base and zerg is infesting my buildings. Zerg is really just too OP atm.

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You cant counter a nuydus worm? Is that what you’re saying? Bahahaha

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Way to reply 3 months later brah.

So you can counter it now?

Well think about BC they can do the same thing almost and
“we” zergs have to deal with that crap all god damn day.

Just make a bunch of hydras/corruptors and you’re good to go. Infestors for parasitic mindcontrol, or whatever that spells name is and bye bye BC’s.

well when bcvcomes so early there’s nothing you can do besides making queens.

Even easier, queens counter all early harrass, just make a few more queens and easy work again.

I mean nydus got nerfed hard in that time didnt it?

I’ll admit, it did get nerfed a lot, but its still a very strong ability that the zerg has. I guess it makes sense they’d need it, because it’s difficult to get into a well defended terran/protoss base.

You guys just whine about the stuff that makes you lose the games. Get better at countering those nydus. If you can’t, it’s your problem, not zerg’s
Just because you suck at scouting doesn’t mean everything should be nerfed so you can keep your blinders on and just a-move into the opponent’s base.

Cant hear you over that bunker building time nerf.

Besides that like we actually stated here his original post was about the overpowered nydus (3 month ago). it has been fixed. He said its strong still but he knows why it should be still strong.

Fun fact, repairing a BC costs more than a post nerf worm.

And bc’s are overpowered LMAO!

Hmmmmmm… well I think I’ll just leave this here:

So yeah… I think it’s just an issue with your lack of skill.

Your blizzard overlords have spoken and you are satisfied. I see which side of the pendulum you reside. Enjoy bowing to your blizzard overlords. I see now why you enjoy zerg; you like the hivemind mentality I see.