How to write a good Bug Report!

Hello all!

Welcome to the SC2 PTR forums! Thanks for taking part in helping make a better experience for the rest of the StarCraft community once this update goes live!

For Bug Reports, we ask that you provide as much context as possible when submitting bug reports in this forum. This will help us figure out ways to reproduce these on our end to ensure that they are fixed before things go live.

Some general rules to follow:

  • Feedback is NOT a bug. Please provide that in our PTR Feedback forums located here
  • We will be scanning through this forum for bug reports. We will be trying to read through everything, but please make sure to note that we may not respond to everything. If you don’t receive a Blue post, please DO NOT bump threads. We promise we will get through all the topics on here when going collecting bugs.
  • Please make all attempts to find a thread that may contain your bug in this forum before creating a new thread. It keeps things streamlined and saves from redundancy on our end.
  • Please make sure to have separate threads for each bug report and not fill one thread with multiple bug reports.
  • Please provide as much context as possible. If you have replay files, or clips from Twitch/YouTube/etc, that is even better!
  • No off-topic discussions in these threads. Just bugs is what we are looking for. Again, if you have feedback, please see the PTR Feedback forum.

As noted above, providing as much context and details is greatly appreciated. Please give us exact issues with thorough information so we can make every attempt to reproduce within our own QA/Test teams.

Thanks again!