Coop dev team is still working?

The ladder team is more important than the Co-op team, as they directly impact the balance and playability of the eSports side of SC2.
Co-op team is probably stuck at home due to the virus, or has very minimal people working on it, if at all.


That makes lot of sense since Starcraft 2 (and 1) survives on eSports. Speaking of which GSL is still ongoing until 6/06. So hopefully we might get something by then.

You are correct on both accounts, but I’m sure they are cooking something… God I hope…

This idiotic infinite revamp loop needs to stop. They need to release new content, like maps, for once. Duh.


We already have given many ideas for Mission Maps, but it’s clear that Blizzard is going the way to quickly earn money.
Map is more far from profit than selling commanders and there are still things to correct (bugs, revamps, and character reactions between commanders).
General Davis’s interaction with Mengsk is still yet to be implemented.

Let’s hope Blizzard is cooking up something good for the 10th Anniversary…

OK that’s a good point, so Blizzard doesn’t have financial problems. I thought of this because Blizzard made a serious fiasco with Warcraft 3 Reforged but they just hurt their own reputation.

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Personally if I only could have one or the other I rather get Vermillion antics over Davis, but that’s just me.

I’m not expecting much until after pandemic restrictions ease, though this could also end up being the catalyst for them ending coop development I think.


I’m not expecting much even after that xD.

What financial troubles? Activision Blizzard’s most recent quarterly earnings are up and their market cap is $56 billion.

Gaming in general has surged in recent months due to people staying at home. The industry is one of few to be actually making money in these tough times.


Isn’t a good amount of it still social? In groups, LAN parties, video game lounges?

Esports can still take place without a live audience (like with some televised, traditional sports), but I wonder how much money they lose from tickets via attendees and such.

As much as I hate to say this, I’d almost be willing to bet real money that social distancing will become far more relaxed before we ever get new missions (if at all)

Gaming in physical groups would be a bad idea in a pandemic and that’s just from a medical perspective.

I don’t know about other countries but here in Australia, there were fines of $1000 or more for simply visiting friends. This happened to 3 unfortunate idiots who thought they could flout social distancing rules for a gaming session at one home.

LAN parties are still a thing?

Much of the surge is due to hardware and software sales.

Yeah, just to be clear, I wasn’t advocating on gathering up now. But that’s what game lounges were about.

For LAN parties, that’s probably been replaced with “console parties”, although I did play Sc2 with my video gaming group around 8 years ago.

There exist programs that emulate LAN, and there are still some LAN gaming, so yes, it’s a thing. Every game that don’t support LAN or/and DirectConnect is flawed by my opinion.

I don’t buy cosmetic/vanity content; but if Blizz would make an Alex Jones announcer pack, I’d buy it. That combined with Donnie would be the absolute best.

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Also every commander icons. We currently have Stukov, Fenix, Dehaka, Zeratul and Tychus. Would be nice to have the others.


Hmmm, Blizzard is with Activision right? So that would mean they are bit better on financial support, yes?

Technically Blizzard is a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard which is the holding company. Notionally it would more or less be a partnership of sorts but lately it seems clear that Activision is the one in charge and thus in greater control of the purse strings.

sigh… so Activision now ‘advise’ Blizzard which direction their game should go and take control of deadlines and budgets…
that explains tons about Diablo Immortal and Warcraft 3 Reforged :sweat:

There is no Activision. What are you talking about ? The only problem is that the players are not being active enaugh on the forums. Imagine thousand people posting on that forum, how about then thousand ?? The second thing of course is where the money are going ? Are they paying for something else ?

IF you guys want CO OP, be constantly active on the forums, and don.t pay for games that you don.t want to play. SImple and easy solution. Demand CO OP, pay for CO OP. I had bought every single hero in CO OP. and i hope blizzard will hear me, and develop CO OP more.

I don’t think Co-op isn’t going to work harder just because thousands and thousands are like asking and begging for moar co-op things

To be realistic Co-op isn’t blizzard’s cash cow

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There are only 2 occasions I can remember when a Blizzard forum blew up with anywhere near the kind of activity you want to see:

1 - When they announced Diablo Immortal and the Diablo 3 forum went ballistic.

2 - Years ago when Blizzard announced that forum users had to use their real names with Real ID; the WoW forum had over 50,000 replies in 3 days in one official thread from angry players threatening to quit.

Co-op getting 1000s given its tame history? Definitely not going to happen.

It is because people are not used to talk. Let us then teach them how to talk… its simple and easy. I can see 24 000 people seeing a certain post in the CO OP and only 5 % of them are commenting. The developers don,t know what the majority wants. Start talking and you will get what you want, people just need to post more in the CO OP forum.