Archon Mode gone

Any informations there because it takes ages to fix that problem? 3 months now :confused:


Please update! Any information

Don’t worry, it will be back soon™.

All jokes aside I feel disrespected by the devs. They implemented a patch that did more harm than good (it removed archon mode ‘unintentionally’ including achieved GM badges on player’s profiles and the career summary) and didn’t even post patch notes for it. To be honest I don’t think this is a coincidence.

They removed a ‘dead’ mode (in their eyes) and wanted to test out how players would react. Since quite a lot of people actually complained, they just said archon mode would be back.

Just for the record: They did not just remove archon mode from the ladder but took a way GM badges that players earned. That’s outrageous!

And now they don’t even respond to players anymore as if nothing had happened.

what’s the latest on this issue? me and my friends miss playing archon mode!

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I guess we hope and wait for Microsoft to clean up the office.


you can still make custom game :wink:

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Will archon mode be back in patch 5.0.9? At least say something please.

Should stay gone forever - whatever “accident” that led up to it getting deleted was a good one. No more cheaters and fake team game achievements. Crazy how this was about 5 months ago now and based on the most recent response, this still hasn’t been “fixed.”

Hey Gang,

I think today is hacking day for Blizzard cause all of the test had been comprised and it’s really slow in building up units. Blizzard better check it out.

Walter Chow

thank you! for bringing back archon ladder today

Thank you very much for bringing back the archon ladder! I don’t get why nobody talked to us tho. Whatever.