“Your rendering device has been lost. Closing application”

I just built a new gaming computer about a week ago and just recently, every other competitive game I play closes Overwatch saying “your rendering device has been lost. Closing application.” If anyone knows how to fix this that would be of so much help. I’ve already lost over 400 sr in two days and would not like to lose anymore. Thanks!

do you know what kind of driver your pc has? it might be you gotta update them

Blizzard is adamant this is not their error, but my gaming oc which has never crashed an overwatch game before, crashed after this most recent patch.

That error just means that the gou errored out and overwatch shows that error when that happens. Make sure settings are ok etc.


My NVIDA GPU was bad when I was getting that. Replace it. No issues.

Check the tech support forums


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I used to have this issue and I’ve seen WyomingMist (Community MVP and techsupport) say that this is an issue with the game not communicating with the graphics card.

What card do you have? I have heard the RTX series has been having this issue.

Sadly I don’t remember what I did to fix the issue (two computers ago and two years ago)

I’d of course start with making sure drivers are up to date.

I have a pretty old radeon hd 5 series.
Everytime there’s a new update I have a big chance of getting this.
Usually resolves itself after a while.

The message “Your rendering device has been lost.” is Overwatch’s unique error message of when your graphics card shuts down during Overwatch’s operation. There are wide variety of causes behind this. First if you use a NVidia RTX 20X0 series graphics card, there is an ongoing issue that can result in this error. Thankfully there is a workaround solution available until they can completely fix this problem.

If you do NOT own a RTX graphics card, DO NOT attempt to use the workaround solution listed above, instead please follow these standard troubleshooting steps:

If these steps do not work and you need more assistance please post in the technical support forum for further assistance.

Yea this has been happening to me as well.

It happened last night in comp and I lost a good chunk of SR :confused:

Return your graphics card while you can. My new RTX2080 was doing it and I did all the steps and was frustrated. Returned my pny for evga and didn’t get the error anymore. So yeah don’t bother with workarounds just return the card.

Device removal is a concept of the windows display driver model (WDDM) which means some kind of error stops the application from being able to use the GPU. This could be a variety of things such as misusing resources in the application, bugs in the display driver, running out of video memory, or a hang/fault on the GPU itself. It’s impossible to really know which without properly debugging the issue.

In these cases the state of the application has, for all intents and purposes, become invalid and/or corrupt, and so it prevents you from further executing any commands. Generally speaking it’s possible for an application to gracefully recover from these failures, though it tends to be fairly complex for things like games, so most games don’t bother (especially since it’s considered a fairly serious error). It’s typically easier to try and fix the underlying issue than to support a full recovery path in the code.

Post this in tech support so the people with the knowledge can help you, no one here has any idea of what they are talking about.

Lucky that my RTX2070 is working just fine

I updated my drivers and went into multiple QP matches (suspended from Competitive for 6 hours) and everything worked fine. I didn’t crash, nothing overheated and everything went perfectly (other than i lost). Thanks so much!

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What card is it? There were problems with rtx cards a while ago because they were too new to be properly supported

Glad to hear it, which graphics card do you own?