Your opinion on 1-3-2

At first i was very against it, my initial reaction was “No!!!”

But upon reading the entirely of Jeff’s post on the matter, and knowing that if they did actually implement this it would be with a lot of care and hesitation, i kinda got excited.

So i started thinking, as a Support/Damage main, this actually sounds super fun.
Mercy would be more viable, might need a boost to 55hps, but she was always really good with triple DPS back before RQ.
Baptiste would see less use for his healing and more use for his damage.
It would make it easier to ease back the healing creep, because three 200hp targets wouldn’t need outrageous 75hps healing.

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pushing valid points, and different factors in viability makes me a wall?

are you dense?

It is unlikely, sadly

If Geoffe Goodman is still head balancer, he has more interest in damage boost and justified Mercy being balanced this was over a year ago when she got floored because Ashe was released

My guess is with 3 damage guaranteed instead of 2, he’ll put power into res and damage boost to pocket people, keep enemies dying, and rez to get people back up in a faster paced OW

The wall is the guy you’re going back and forth with

Double shield blocked Ana and zen, that was it. I got Brig up to mid masters in that patch, it was her best patch (outside of goats). She actually countered it.

Lucio was still good or I wouldn’t have had entitled players threatening to throw if I didn’t switch to lucio instead.

Mercy still worked, Bap still worked.

And I still did see a lot of ana’s in that time, too, even on console. So outside of zen, it really was probably one of the best patches for supports.

That patch was bad for some dps, I won’t lie about that. I felt for characters like soldier, or heroes like symmetra who had one patch to shine before being F tier again, but it really was not that bad for supports outside of zen whatsoever. So that’s a really poor example.

ah I see sorry if I came off abrasive

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Just make it 0-4-2. Clearly tanks are an issue for the team just rework them to be dps and be done with the tank role.

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Well I wasn’t talking about viability .-.

But if we’re going there Moira and Lucio were just the best heroes to get value out of imo

I do think Brigg was strong too, but I think she always has been

My problem with Brigg was safely triggering inspire having barriers juggled in front of me

Tbh hire this man

They’d have to do a tank-role-wide buff to get me to main it with heroes like Reaper

What’s wrong with wanting to play their role… Without waiting 20 minutes for a short match?

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We’re both walls; that’s the point of the back and forth. You just agree with one.

i’d give it a go! ask me after i’ve played it for like 10 hrs or something?

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That is the right answer.

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I’m just thinking about playing against reaper, mei and sombra with only one shield

Play a tank or support some, break it up like the good players do. Why don’t you play QPC? That’ what its there for… why do you “I hatez da queue timez” players refuse to use what you have?

Because believe it or not, this game with different characters with different personalities and kits often has people choosing their favorite character to play as. And they don’t want to wait 10 damn minutes (if you’re lucky) just to be able to play said character.
On a side note, I don’t play damage and thus it doesn’t affect me. I main support and tank. But long ago I was once a Genji main and I can only imagine what it’s like to wait so long just to be able to play the game as Genji.

So literally there is no reasoning with this attitude… “I DOnT WanTZ To WaiTZ To HAVe DA FunZ”… no matter it helps the game overall? Seriously? Let’s just go back to open 6-stack, GOATS and all the trash play we had to satisfy half the player-base. They didn’t just do 2-2-2 for the hell of it, you guys seem to forget why they did it, and that includes balance issues going forward…

It’s fine for competitive because matchmaking in comp takes a long time anyways.
But when you have to wait 10 minutes just to play who you want in quick play then it kinda ruins any fun you could potentially have.

I would be happy if they took it off QP tbh, but keep it on comp.

They should have just not put it onto QP in the first place. I don’t see why they would even consider treating Quick Play in the same way as the competitive mode.

Honest truth, I think simply informing us about possibly upending the entire game yet again to go 132 says more about the Blizzard than it does Overwatch. It’s another “don’t you guys have phones” moment in that here we have a leader at Blizzard and one of our favorite games telling gamers in a round about way that money matters more than the experience.

I love Jeff and hope he’s involved here forever. But what he did was irresponsible as the caretaker of the community and culture. Telling us they were considering capitulating to DPS divided the player base more than any role queue ever could. It was a total flip-flop on their part. Just 4 months ago it was “hey guys, quality matters most so we’re forcing 222”. Now it’s “hey guys, quality matters but not as much as money so we’re abandoning teamplay and focusing more on fragging out”.

The community is more toxic than ever, everything’s up in the air for the foreseeable future and everyone’s wondering if this is still going to be their favorite game in 6 months. Worse yet everyone’s wondering if it even can be. They’ll mess around and burn so many gamers between 222 and 132 that Overwatch 2 will pay the price.

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