Your opinion on 1-3-2


As long as they don’t introduce an absolutely cancer main tank with no real balance changes, 321 can work

Let’s face it. Part of the RQ disaster was bringing Sigma, the most broken character to ever break overwatch, was introduced with RQ after about 0 reverts were made to all the goats buffs, including the damage fall-off buffs

As long as they don’t treat 321 like flipping a switch in a custom game, we’re good

It’s going to polarize tanks and supports.

Half the supports are built around utilizing aim or burst healing. Ana might still have a place as a rein pocket, but dive will make a comeback, and Ana historically could handle a tracer or maybe a doom with a skilled sleep but I doubt she could handle both or a sniper. I fail to see Bap getting value from aoe anymore with the crazy positioning dps would have to take from no longer having space provided to from tanks.

I see it trashing half the support and tank roster at any given time. Any attempts to fix it would probably just throw the other half of that roster out of the rotation.

Personally, as a tank and support main, I wouldn’t see myself playing anymore. I see a lot of raging from angry dps for tanks/supports to do their job bc they wouldn’t be able to stay alive with a game with such quick TTK.

did you even read the post?

he said they did the analytics on it and most feedback was positive saying it felt like old overwatch, and more akin to an FPS

he said it brings more positives to the game than negatives.

I think youre trying to convince yourself.

We can try it on ptr like role lock maybe it’s fun and maybe is bad but we don’t know for sure

Some people dont see the bigger picture…321>222


Didn’t say more positives than negatives either. I don’t know why you’re so into 132. It’s not a net positive for DPS players.

Personally, I think you’re looking at it wrong

Here you describe Ana’s niche in a 321

321 essentially gets things to die

And ik many argue I don’t want OW to be just every other fps!

But after years of sustain being more valuable than glass-cannon types of play like genji I think it is time thing die

I’m not saying 321 means OW becomes COD

But supports would no longer need to be healing bots because tanks would likely become far more self sufficient at resisting cc and burst damage

Looking at 321 like current OW seems awful, but making 321 live most likely means changing the framework for most supports and tanks as a whole

And from Jeff’s wording, I thankfully think he and the team are aware it would mean a new era for OW

says you lol.

it instantly makes more of the dps roster viable due to the fact that you need 3 now every game.

it makes tanks like Hammond and Winston much better who enable dps much more than they disable them

with more squishies on the field, hero slike tracer and genji would become stronger

wheres the negatives for dps?

because they are down a tank?

im sorry I don’t see it.

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It is hard to run Sombra in 222 because she isn’t dealing that much raw damage to pressure people.

Because roles are locked it feels like you have to run Reaper or Junk to make up

If you have 2 damage characters to pressure enemies, it will still be a little difficult since the enemies will, ofc, have 3 damage but it will be easier since you will need lower net damage per fight with 1 less tank

And in the past, those supports who did have capacity to outplay DPS outside of role lock were complained about from both support mains and dps mains alike, then nerfed, and trash tier for 6 months to years at a time. Look at old forums if you don’t believe me. I played through those patches.

When dps defines the meta, then literally half the support and tank heroes become throw picks at any given time. It changed with brig because there were enough supports/tanks to fill in for dps.

Low dps queue times or not, that’s not the current state of the game. I don’t want it to go back to that.

Being a Solo Tank is extremely hellish…

Just gonna be the top three overpowered DPS/off tanks rather than the top two. 76 isn’t gonna magically be good.

Winston needs an off tank for support. He’s the least likely non Hammond main tank to benefit from having D.Va and Zarya taken away.

Genji is reliant on blade. Blade is messed up by CC and support ults. 132 doesn’t change this. The game will be faster so it will be reliant on burst damage. Not to mention healing will have to be faster sp have fun killing anything without a million animation cancels
You’ll die more and your queue times will be just as long if not longer.

I don’t have to just believe you

When double shield forced Doom and blocked half the supports, anyone that wasn’t Moira felt like playing Tetris while blind folded in a low gravity room without your thumbs

And that’s just a recent example

It’s also irrelevant

If it were to happen in a 321, then duh supports would quit

No one will play death simulator

My post was describing supports most likely becoming what every dps fears:

A hero, able to shoot a gun in a fps

top 3

key point. more dps viable. more comps viable.

he benefits from it, but he absolutely can do just fine without it.

theres a reason why techniques like but jumping exist.

it does change that their are less tanks on the field, and more damage on the field, allowing him to follow up on other dps damage better, and having less health to try and get through on the battlefield.

it changes a lot.

you just think one dimensionally.

his ult is not the only thing hes good for.

No point in talking to a wall

At first i was very against it, my initial reaction was “No!!!”

But upon reading the entirely of Jeff’s post on the matter, and knowing that if they did actually implement this it would be with a lot of care and hesitation, i kinda got excited.

So i started thinking, as a Support/Damage main, this actually sounds super fun.
Mercy would be more viable, might need a boost to 55hps, but she was always really good with triple DPS back before RQ.
Baptiste would see less use for his healing and more use for his damage.
It would make it easier to ease back the healing creep, because three 200hp targets wouldn’t need outrageous 75hps healing.

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pushing valid points, and different factors in viability makes me a wall?

are you dense?

It is unlikely, sadly

If Geoffe Goodman is still head balancer, he has more interest in damage boost and justified Mercy being balanced this was over a year ago when she got floored because Ashe was released

My guess is with 3 damage guaranteed instead of 2, he’ll put power into res and damage boost to pocket people, keep enemies dying, and rez to get people back up in a faster paced OW

The wall is the guy you’re going back and forth with

Double shield blocked Ana and zen, that was it. I got Brig up to mid masters in that patch, it was her best patch (outside of goats). She actually countered it.

Lucio was still good or I wouldn’t have had entitled players threatening to throw if I didn’t switch to lucio instead.

Mercy still worked, Bap still worked.

And I still did see a lot of ana’s in that time, too, even on console. So outside of zen, it really was probably one of the best patches for supports.

That patch was bad for some dps, I won’t lie about that. I felt for characters like soldier, or heroes like symmetra who had one patch to shine before being F tier again, but it really was not that bad for supports outside of zen whatsoever. So that’s a really poor example.