You should be able to call a vote to force an ally to switch

As a Moira main I can’t believe how many DPS and tanks keep throwing my games because they won’t switch to counter! Therefore I propose a new feature, you will be able to call a vote to force a teammate to switch their hero, and if you get two more “yes” answers on your team (3/5), the teammate instantly dies and their current hero is locked for the rest of the match.

Hopefully Blizzard listens to this advice because holy cannoli, the amount of stubborn Genji players I get who are being countered by Moira and Torb is unbelievable.


i know it doesn’t really apply to overwatch 2 anymore, but the idea of forcing somebody to play a character they don’t want to… on a game they (probably) paid for initially… when games are meant to be fun…

i get it’s not fun when you lose due to lack of team support, but honestly this game is way too team based as it is.
especially queuing with random players


Imagine being this much of a control freak that you think this is a good idea.


Wow, what a perfect tool… to throw and troll when being in 3 people stack.

Also no, i dont like idea of people forcing others like that to do something in video games. We are here to have fun, and having boss over you is not that fun imo.


It would be effective though… forcing a Genji onto McCree, Widow onto Sym, or Mercy onto Bap :rofl:

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How to reduce the playerbase in one step!


If you take a look at games like TF2 that does this by auto balance of the teams during a match. It really tilts people to have that happen. so it doesn’t work.

It sounds like a nice idea, until a person’s friend is swapped to another team. Then they revolt.

Just play my game for me at that point, then, cause that’s a low threshold for people trying to control how I play the game lol


Holy :skull: I think I might of read one of the worse takes on the forums…

  1. This would be abused. Anyone who wants to play an off-meta hero or a hero that is typically not as liked would be bullied into switching.
  2. How do think people would feel being dictated to what they are allowed to play.
  3. You know what makes a strong player- one that’s doesn’t always switch but sticks out on supposed counters. Counter switching is definitely the correct thing to do but if I play a ton of Winston and sone random that barely plays reapers it’s even just an average reaper isn’t going get me to switch because I’ve played so much into that “counter” I know how to play around it.

Ultimately if this was ever implemented it would be abused by mob mentality and it would kill the game.


What if the enemy swaps and the person’s blocked hero becomes important again? What if they warm up and start carrying? What if you’re putting a one trick off the only hero they can play? What happens if the person has their ult? If they keep it after the switch then that can be easily abused if not then you’re massively disadvantaging yourself. This is just asking for leavers.

So many people would do better if they stopped managing their teammates and focused on their gameplay.


No it wouldnt- people would just leave the match instead. I know I would.


Haha imagine playing Moira and forcing other ppl to swap. Big yikes


If someone will vote to change my hero and I will get one I don’t like playing on, I will leave from the match right away. I could bet many people will do that as well. Is it what you want, OP?


Better than having a thrower dps on my team

I’d just call a vote to make you switch in response out of spite. You being a Moira main, ironically, makes you probably the most needed player in the game to switch given her lack of utility.

Otherwise I’d just… Honestly start throwing because you went out of your way to kill my enjoyment, I’m gonna return the favour.


You can achieve the same thing now by leaving yourself. One click and you have no thrower dps. No need to wait a fix from Blizzard, you can use it right now.


“Hey guys who is up to voting out the dps moira?”

Locking people out of a hero will only cause them to throw or leave.


How about no. You forcing me to play a character I don’t want to is insane.


People would just leave the match


Lol! Get your feature and you’ll be locked out of moira and asked to switch to ana/kiriko/mercy every game. nice troll.