You pushed an update and *still* left the Hanzo buff in?

i wouldnt mind it if they hadnt also released the 6v6 elimination at the same time. its crap playing lockout and being 1shot or near 1shot as a tank.

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You be very surprise how complicated that is. Seeing how changing one thing effect code else where.

Then you deal with hanzo for one match and if they win, he gone for all other round, and that if they manage to hit scatter arrow perfectly before you take him out or what not. Nothing really change on that front then.

Lol. Jeff even said they’d change it in the next update. And they didn’t.

He said it’d be better to leave it for now since the next update is coming out so fast, and it came out, and it’s still not fixed.

Also, it’s legitimately changing 1 thing. 1 variable. The cooldown.

There are no excuses here.


There’s no telling how complex their system is to bring up something so simple though. I’ve heard rumor Destiny 2 takes upwards of 8 hours to open up config files to edit.

Hopefully on April 30th they’ll fix it, but I guess having a buffed Hanzo for a month or more doesn’t really matter because he’ll be changed :man_shrugging:

except the update they meant must not have been that one. This one was just some bug fixes for the event game mode, and not the one they plan on when mentioning the “fix” for hanzo.

Oh no wonder I felt like there was a scatter killing someone more often now…

This really sucks.

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that’s true generally speaking but also you see, that’s just a variable used for a cooldown counter i doubt it affects other things (and if it does then… i’d say it is a really poor coding if they use sth like hanzo.scatterArrowCooldown = 10, to something exepct his scatter arrow lol). and i think that since the game didn’t break down after randomly changing it from 10 to 8 it didn’t really “affect code else where” so switching it back should be as safe.

also why did they change it in the first place anyways?!

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That’s probs because destiny 2 is a mess anyway. Bungie’s lead developers left during development. So you had a bunch of new guys in there making games.

Look how it turned out. A buggy horrible game.

it change in the first place as they stated as it was an after effect of an update they are getting ready to be pushed. Coding is trouble, cause I am sure it not as simple as just changing a number in a cool down.

I think one of the devs just wanted to troll the whole playerbase, I can’t imagine this was a coincidence that a number in the code changed for no reason, especially with that ability.

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They just want bronze hanzo mains to have fun before the rework makes it so they need to actually aim


I have a serious question I’d like to ask the developers. WHY does it take EIGHT HOURS, to open the game for editing?

And FURTHERMORE, how much TIME and MONEY have they WASTED because they’ve been sitting there watching a game development environment load for so long?

If I were working for them, I’d have rebuilt the entire IDE that maintains the files by now.

Lol. “I’d have rebuilt the entire IDE”

Integrated development environments, especially ones used by huge game companies like Bungie or Gearbox, aren’t modifyable.

Unreal engine has it’s own built in IDE. If you want a new IDE, you gotta change the engine. Unity has it’s own IDE built in. But it also uses VStudio soooo that’s a separate issue.

Even common game engines use OpenGL or DirectX have programming languages that are super complex to use.

It’s difficult when you’re working on outdated code in an outdated engine on outdated hardware. It’s even harder when you’re trying to open a 5GB file of code using most of these IDEs.

VStuido 2017 takes years to open anything larger than 1GB. Let alone opening a full game which can be, on the low end, up to 200 GB (It gets compressed when it ships out to consumers).


And…its not like he’s rocketting up the ladder with it, it’s a drop in the bucket.


OwO what’s this? A response not yelling at me for how easy it is to change a value?!

People like to think I’m some unreasonable monster…but I’m really not. :blush:

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If you try to open Visual Studio projects on an Intel Pentium II then yes, of course it’s going to take time. But it does not take that long to open a 1+ GB project, maybe the first time? We have a pretty significant enterprise project @ 2.4~ GB and it takes around 30~40 seconds to open fully in Visual Studio 2015.

Most engines uses C++, which is not a super complex language, tricky? Yes! Clusterf- of a standard? Absolutely! Difficult to develop in? Not even remotely in the way you are suggesting.

I don’t know what experience you have gone through previously, but I don’t really know where you are getting this from.

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Hanzo has never been “too strong”

And seriously OP, scatter is not enough to make you “ignore comp” for a month. Quit overreacting.