You make me laugh, Blizzard

This. This is what we waited for?
For 3 months hyped around fixing symmetra, you give us this?

Wow you can throw your turrets now!? Good luck having them last on a surface for more than two seconds.

Wow a 5000 HP shield?
Too bad we can just blaze across it especially if the team is running dive.

No more auto lock beam?
Gg you just made Zarya but less appealing

This whole thing angers me and I am not expecting this to go live at its current state.


Isn’t that what PTR is for? To test everything out? I’m so confused…


When content hits the PTR, most of the time (but not always), content is planned to be released as proposed with no major changes. There are exceptions but usually to adjust numerical values for things like damage. Expect the tool kit to remain intact as stated.


Well im downloading the PTR to see what all this fuss is about haha. Wish me luck.

What did you have in mind for a rework?

As you are waiting check out the videos Geoff Goodman have posted here:

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They should’ve upped the beam range to 20m just like Zarya’s, not 15m, and I think they should’ve kept her small Photon Barrier, right now you have to be so close to hit people with your beam and she’s going to be easily out-damaged with no protection. I’m fine with them removing the lock on beam but she needs some kind of protection other than the rare occasion where she’s going to be able to turn around place her teleporter and escape in time, which is super unlikely,

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Just because you don’t like her new version doesn’t mean others won’t.


Find me one person so far who likes it


Virtually everything that’s made it to PTR goes live

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Just go on Twitch, there are like at least 20k people watching players trying her and I saw a lot of people in chat enjoying her.

i’m just waiting for the sym is OP threads once this goes live. Once again the loud disgruntled people who are probably mad at everything just waiting to complain about the next thing are trying to hijack the narrative. Remember when after the rework they came to tell us that dva was now trash? Remember when they told us that mercy 2.0 was trash? Sym is very good. She has been changed but as people grasp her new kit you are going to be seeing some very interesting thing and her teleport might just be meta changing. It’s too early to tell if she will be a main stay but she is going to be in play a lot more just because of her teleport. Her ult is also supper annoying it will screw you over and you will be no where near sym because of full map coverage lol.


New sym looks really fun, I’m looking forward to this much needed change.

The new Symmetra is more fun that I thought possible. Sorry haters, but she’s great.


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