You have become an Overwatch hero. Who are you, and what’s your favorite food?


I have become Widowmaker. I like Baguette. I also like macaron (YES I SPELLED IT RIGHT. It’s not macaroon. That’s a coconut pastry, ok?)


Are we going from food preference or hero preference ?


Hero Preference. Or food preference.


im symmetra.

I get to make any food I want with my hands.


Made of glass tho :confused:


she doesn’t make glass.
she can make any material from light.

yum yum

how dramatic! I love it!


Like little laser turrets and a barrier that probably slices the globe in half.
And teleporters that lead off of cliffs… 3% of the time…


Amazing. I have no idea the lore works this way. She might as well be a god at this point LOL


she always was!
peasants bow


Woah woah slow down… French Baguette or Swedish Baguette? O.o


I have become Moira.

I enjoy pairing a nice cup of coffee with a slice of tiramisu.


The latter one :yum:…(heheh)


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


If there was a Italian American hero, I’d fit that personality. But there isn’t, and none of the Overwatch heroes fit my personality. So I’ll go with the next best thing, TF2. I’d be Soldier. I’m a patriotic man.


I’m actually widowmaker and I like bread or something I guess


I am become Mei, destroyer of dumplings.


I am sombra. I like anything spicy w/ lime :hot_face:


Im Winston.

I am a scientist who eats bananas for breakfast.


I wish. She could be useful in-game. Imagine her ult made out of steel or something