You didn't fix hanzo

A sniper hero that deals a lot of damage EVEN AT CLOSE RANGE, CAN BUST SHIELDS AND BURST DOWN TANKS? No way… IS THAT NOT OP.

Fix Stormarrows: Cooldown from 8 to 10 seconds, no headshots and it is still 400+ damage if you can land the shots.

pretty sure the devs were well aware of what they wanted from hanzo when they made and remade him. specifically keeping the features you and others whine about. they especially know more than you on how he should be.

If you look at the community’s feelings about these abilities, the ironic thing is that across the board they actually complain more about debuffs and stun/knockback than they do about getting killed:

Shield Bash? - “She’s a support, she shouldn’t be allowed to be good at fighting back!”
Get hacked? - “That’s not fair! I couldn’t use my ult!”

Statistically, Hanzo was in a pretty bad place with scatter arrow. The problem was never that it was OP, it was that it felt like a cheap shot and an undeserved kill. Scatter has always been one of the most complained about “killing abilities”, but I have a feeling that if you introduced more CC or knockback there would be an even greater community outcry.

Personally, I feel that storm bow may be slightly overtuned, but there isn’t enough data at this point to really support that beyond just a gut reaction to it.


Hanzo needs a couple nerfs - storm arrow damage dropped from 80 to 75 and the time between each shots increased slightly.

Just sounds like you guys were misinformed. I can’t blame you, Blizzard keeps things close to their chest. They already made a statement that Scatter was designed to melt tanks and design wise, Hanzo is a great Tank Buster. You guys want Hanzo to be your definition of a Sniper but that isn’t his role - it is Widowmaker’s role.

This rework was designed to keep him as strong as he was and make him more reliable/give him more survivability. The cost was losing scatter, which Jeff said in his video “didn’t feel fun to die to”. He didn’t say it was too strong – the damage numbers were always working the way Blizz intended, the problem was the method. They fixed that.


Again, working as intended…


Just because something is intended doesn’t mean it’s balanced.


He needs more counters to his ult and possibly his damage toned down a bit especially for sonic arrow.

Feels like a game of checkers atm instead of a game of chess.

You don’t get to decide what’s balanced and what isn’t.


I don’t “decide”, I observe.


I dont like new Hanzo (except for double jump) BUT… it’s fine…

All heroes need buffs… need more life… to not die quick… OW needs buff to not depend on Healer or Tank too much…

OW is too constrain in the way you “have” to play it… no little path ways… too close corners… too slow walk… OW is too much frustrating then fun to play.

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Yeah, lets take away 450 burst dmg of an underpowered hero and replace it with utility, what can go wrong?
Thats not how balance works.

blizzard might as well stay true to their own ideas…like…

Mercy rework and post 9 nerfs that changed their ideas
Ana nerfs
Brigitte entirely
deploy of Moira as another skilled hero
Not touching widowmaker even if hanzo is full of skills before and after
Roadhog hook DM nerf and missiles added

We can continue with a lot of great ideas, sadly I cannot persuade my friends to return to the game and it looks worse and worse after any other “great idea”. Blizzard is a company that creates amazing worlds and characters, and has a greatart direction, but nobody but a fan can say that the game is balanced and that they are solving balance issues with every idea they have, with all the respect.

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ttps:// This is the new hanzo. (add an H for hanzo

There are hundreds of gifs out there of Junkrats killing three people leaving spawn, and that doesn’t require headshots.

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True but junkrat can’t scout out where to aim his spam

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OHHH Grandmasters are complaining ??? OH NOES!

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Yes, if you barrel out of spawn with no protection in a single-file line you are vulnerable to rapid headshots. This is not a balance issue. Sorry.


That was never the problem. Blizzard never changed Scatter Arrow because of its damage, they changed it because it could eliminate a target instantly, which felt bad to play against as you couldn’t avoid it.


Zarya 400 HP, zen 200 HP Tracer 150 hp. A total of 750 damage in less than 3 seconds. No splash dmg either to justify it. What at what point does a heroes damage output become broken in your opinion? Because to me the ability to take out half of a rein shield with an ability is pretty OP.