You can receive SMS on home phone

But I am affected with the situation. I want less smurf. These trolls have driven away so many new players only because they want some easy entertainment.

We need a way yo kick them out and this is a god damn good way.

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Fair enough if thats affecting your gameplay, but to brush it off when others cannot play at all just so you can enjoy some smurf free ranked is silly to me. I don’t play as much ranked as I used to and don’t take it seriously anymore, but I have never noticed a smurf in any of my matches, so the smurf thing doesn’t affect me at all. Being unable to even launch the game does, just because I’m not on the phone plan blizzard wants me to be.

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Did any of you young guys even grow up with landline phones?

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on my landline, no, and the only reason why blizzard is gaslighting this matter so badly is because they want AD revenue from mobile devices just like they already do with their other “free” games.


You’re so special and above all us peasants. Some nights I stay up thinking how I wish I could be so special just like you.


if you have texting/SMS it will work