You can receive SMS on home phone

Home phones have the capacity to receive SMS. Normaly it will be an automated message reading the content of the text.

So for the ones that have a home phone no worries, ya all should be ok.


its extremely rare to see a home phone these days unless there is a business you do stuff from your home your likely to not have one like i think my one of my aunts is the only one to have a home phone still like the rest of my family is using cellphones

I’ve never seen so many people in 1 place complain about needing a phone for an account lmao. This is why I come here periodically for entertainment, it’s ridiculous.


Yeah but if you don’t have a cell phone you probably have a home phone.

If you don’t have either, I’d love to know your living situation.

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If you have a VOIP carrier - very likely, but those will be blocked.

i think most have a cellphone now in days if it isnt post paid its prepaid like even some of my elderly neighbors that i do know have a cellphone like the onyl other elder in my neighborhood i dont know if they have a cellphone or a home phone

Some people have prepaid phones or don’t have phones at all… They’re allowed to be upset.


It’s not about just needing a phone.

No, they should just token the hardware. I am OK with the phone if it does not become like a VPN login. If it does just lock the hardware. If they swap devices/hardware, then use the authenticator.

That make no sense. Internet full connection, gaming rig, means to pay for those and they don’t have telephones? How do they boss will join them if he need them? Or even their own family?

Life doesn’t resolve around gaming.

Some people just… Don’t want a phone. Them not being able to play OW without dropping upwards of $40 a month is kinda too much for most.

Also there’s prepaid phones. Which I’m using btw, I just got lucky I guess :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Is a home phone a telephone fixe in french ? Like the cable one ?

I still primarily use a home phone. I do have a cellphone, but it is a cheap prepaid phone that may or may not work with OW2. If it works, I will be able to play OW2. If not, I guess I won’t be playing OW2.

I am NOT going to get a post-paid plan just to play OW2; I don’t want it that badly.

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Oui exactement. Le téléphone sur pied :rofl:

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Je ne connaissais pas le terme en anglais :joy: vu que nous on appelle ça un fixe mais c’est clair si les fixes sont inclus ça va aider les gens.

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Je crois que oui, je veux dire les téléphones fixe peuvent reçevoir les textes normalement donc sa devrait fonctionner.

Mais je ne l’ai pas tester non plus pour l’authentificateur sauf que je sais que c’est possible de reçevoir des textes

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A voir . En plus aux usa la plupart des maisons et appartements ont un fixe. Faudra voir. Wait and see like they say

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Overwatch 2 IS gaming though, its not life. Therefore, shouldn’t need a mobile phone plan to be able to play a free game. Just because you are unaffected by the situation doesn’t mean others aren’t. Why defend this just because it doesn’t affect you?

Because you’re half right. While it’s surely a bad bad thing for some peoples that will also help against smurfing that will force them either to be ban for good or to pay phone numbers over and over again. Sadly there’s no other way to block those .

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I wish you luck regardless. I hope it works.