Year of the Rat player spray

Hey, has anyone actually looted the new player spray of the year of the rat symbol? Says that it comes from the lunar boxes, but i’ve gotten all the other new drops from this year and not that and that seems odd since sprays are usually easily all gotten from multiple boxes. So just curious if i’m having really bad rng or if maybe theres a bug it in dropping.

The year of the rat spray (you mean the red one?) should be a present, without opening any lootboxes.
As soon as you log in, after the Lunar New Year Patch.

No, that is the player icon, I’m speaking about the spray which if you look in any heroes spray list is shown in there and listed as coming from a lunar box. So has anyone come across it in one of their boxes yet?

Nope and its wierd because I have every spray except it

Yea same here, I have all current unlocks that can come from any box except for that and usually all the sprays are the first items to be gotten, so I’m wondering if there’s a bug keeping it from being looted from any of the lunar boxes right now.

yes same problem here no rat spray :frowning:

It’s the same here so it seems to be a global issue as I’ve gotten duplicates from the lunar loot boxes but I still dont have the spray

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Yea I’ve gotten to the point of nothing but duplicates from the lunar loot boxes as well now. Hopefully Blizzard will notice this and at minimum fix it to drop properly or even better just give it to everyone on a login like they did the icon since its just a spray and was bugged.

I have gotten like 20 boxes of duplicates and still don’t have it, it might be a bug

Can any of you unlock it with gold coins?

Nope, I tried and it is just like the comp sprays

Yea there’s no way to buy it with coins or anything, really hoping blizz will fix this or at least let us know that they see its an issue.

I like buying loot boxes. I’ve bought a total of 61 Loot boxes and I have everything else available for the event, but still don’t have this spray, even after 61 bought loot boxes, and probably around 6 boxes from playing.

I also don’t have it. Gotta be a glich.

Yea I just opened another 6 lunar boxes I unlocked through playing and still with having everything else from the lunar and other boxes I didn’t get the spray, which means there’s no way it’s dropping from the lunar boxes as it should. Can Blizzard finally comment on this?

Maybe it’s one of the weekly challenges or something?

It’s weekend. Give them time. Probably they will release a patch next week about the issue.

I know it´s old news but I wonder why we didn´t get a “Year of the Pig” spray during the last event. Beside that I also find it wierd especially because you can´t buy it with credits either.

I asked on Twatter but no response from @playoverwatch. :frowning:

So has anyone gotten it yet this week, or has Blizz still not addressed this issue yet?