Y'all need to fix the Xbox servers ASAP

Competitive is basically unplayable right now because of the server issues on Xbone. Out of 8 games today, 7 had at least 1 person DC and be unable to rejoin. One game had three people who weren’t partied together DC at the same time, unable to rejoin. I lost 200 SR today from matches where my team was down 2 or more players. Fix the servers. Please. This is totally unacceptable.


The Tues patch screwed up the xbox version of this game causing freezing.

I was actually just about to post the same type of thing, thought teammate abandoned us then I got kicked followed by 3 more people on our team. All in all, 5 out of 6 kicked and we get steamrolled. I’ll be switching games until this gets fixed

Yeah I’m not playing comp until it’s more stable… there’s also a lot of other bugs on xbox

Sameeeeee. I just froze twice on Xbox. The second game was going so good too, I had finally found a group that had a brain and right before I go to EMP, my game freezes. Looks like I’m shelving this game until they fix it.

On the bright side, Hammond win rates just went way up!


I have lost almost 400sr today on xbox 1
Can blizzard plz give me my sr back (XKIRITOXduck) i love this game and love comp but if my hard work to stay on masters is lost… (Im high plat now)
I can only move on to a differents game

Still nothing… That’s disappointing…

This glitch only occurs when hammond gets a kill with his ultimate. Please fix it.


No it doesn’t, it happened to me on Mercy and Sombra

EDIT: Actually, I’ll redact that. There was a Hammond in both of those games I was in and it happened right around he had just released his mines.

Blizzard employees aren’t even back in the office yet. Nothing will happen until they are.


No, there is zero chance Blizzard will give you your SR back. They never do so under any circumstance.

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Bump. It’s gone to a point where competitive (Xbox) games are just a race to “First one to Hammond ULT wins!”. Abusers need to be punished.

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Does anyone know if this has been fixed or if they’re working on it? I really want to play comp but I’m scared lol

The issues with Xbox have been contained. Wrecking Ball is disabled to prevent any further crashes to the game for other players.

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And is anything being done about the lost SR or the people who abused this to climb rank?

Like all technical issues, regardless of how the issue is caused, there is no way to restore SR from this unfortunately.