Xbox Live Overwatch Competitive mode is OUT OF CONTROL with DDOS and Booters. I have, just this evening, 10/24/2020 from 12:20-12:45 been DDOSed a minute after a game starts twice in a row. First I lost 50 SR and banned for about 10-15 minutes, and now I AM BANNED FOR AN HOUR. I am furious. I have fios gigabit connection, and I never, never NEVER lose connection, except convenienty about 45 seconds into comp games, my ping shoots up to 400-500, my router goes haywire,my tvs and phones shut off and I am left upset and helpless until suddenly its all working again and by the time I can rejoin the game everyone is gone. I’ve worked incredibly hard to rank up only to deal with this incessant issue. These horrible people who get a kick off ruining my day. The worst part is, it is thriving on competitive overwatch on Xbox. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE,revert the bans. Revert my SR score loss. I am NOT LEAVING THE GAMES. I am being booted by low lifes. I want nothing more than to enjoy this game and rank up. Overwatch is probably the best competitive team based first person shooter of all time, I am a huge fan, I bought tons of team merch, but I am disgusted at this. Everyone talks about DDOS programs, many are doing it, but no one is talking about it and nothing is being done.
My Xbox live gamer tag is NickVintner. Please for the love of God give me my score back and revert these bans.
In addition, I am being taunted and threatened by players to get DDOS. I hear my teammates talking about different programs to do it to other people sometimes. I always report them but nothing ever gets done. OVERWATCH DEVS: PLEASE HELP


DDoS attacks even on consoles are extremely rare, it is more likely based on your description that there is a connection issue between you and the game server. Please note, it does not matter how fast of a connection your Internet Service Provider has, as you could be experiencing hardware issues within your home or there is a problem with reaching the game server beyond your Internet Service Provider.

First please take time to ensure there are no problems on your end, by working through these console specific troubleshooting steps. This especially includes making sure your console is connected by ethernet to your modem/router (a common problem with most console players is by trying to play over a WiFi connection).

If you need more help after working through these steps we can try to provide advanced troubleshooting to at least pinpoint the problem. In any case, please avoid playing Competitive Play until you can assure the disconnections have stopped. Penalties cannot be reversed.

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I second this claim about the ddos. Everyone I speak to in masters and above has been talking about how much of an issue it is on XBOX NA right now. I understand that it is suppose to be rare but It’s hard to believe that all of us are simply having issues connecting.


WyomingMyst Sounds like you are working for blizzard and trying to denounce credible claims of DDoS attacks on your user base to help the parent company, whose job it is to secure these types of events, not lose face. It’s not unknown to the console players that blizzard has zero interest in keeping their console ports running efficiently.


DDOS is extremely hard to pull off now

15 years ago it was easier.

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It is happening a lot recently. I just had a game where the enemy team hit off two of my teammates. We were winning 6v6 then they hit one of our teammates off. They pushed it the whole way and we pushed it the whole way despite it being a 5v6 on Route 66. Then as soon as we won on attack they hit another person off making a 4v6. It’s becoming a wide spread problem on XBOX. People are getting your IP information with just your gamertag.

Not rare atm. A recent website as gotten a lot of traction because you can simply put in someone’s gamertag and you get there IP address. People are getting booted off consistently due to them gaining packet loss because someone is booting them offline

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Which is why you use VPNs

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I been ddosed also on xbox na ranked. It only happens in ranked mode and one time it looked like a 3 stack and one was on a ult account, the ult account had another account added D Dos for sr. What ult account / person adds people called D Dos for sr. Btw this account wasn’t in my match but was ddosed.

Most of the cheaters and toxic players have open profile to see who they added. I’ve been told to end myself by a ult account and I looked up the people added and talked to them and one confirmed that its the same person and their friend. Both main account and ult account are com banned for a bit.

I reported replays in game through the share replay report and did the 3 games I been ddosed but no sr refunded or account leaving from ddos lowered. We should have a ddos report ticket in game to get sr back.

Im hardwired with good internet and only disconnect when winning in ranked lol and the enemy sometimes stand still then move as people get hit off lol. I wonder how my internet overloads from 20ms internet delay to almost 200ms internet delay and only a xbox was on and ate couple hundred mb/s and crashed.

Because im getting ddosed, how does a xbox need a couple hundred mb/s to play a ranked game. I also got unlimited data so I didn’t pass my limit. It crashed from pure overload of ddos packets.

Who ever says ddos are rare on console, they do now more then ever. Last week of season 24 got ddosed 2 times. 1st day of season 25 ddosed. Even if i get a vpn my 5 teammates might not have one so I will still lose sr per match.

They are selling top 500 accounts and sometimes people stack and pay the cheaters to win no matter what. They used to only use xim adapter to use mouse and keyboard on xbox with aim assist. Btw you can buy it on Amazon. Now most players in masters to top 500 use this that I’ve seen. Since most of these boosters have xims they resort to ddosing because its faster and easier to boost players and they don’t have to sweat against another mouse and keyboarder with aim assist for a chance to lose to another cheater.

Please make cross save so I can play pc with all my stuff and from the money i save from free online on pc, I will buy a vpn, also I think more of my team on pc would have vpns. Maybe see if you can make a warning saying before you join ranked saying you must have a vpn or have a chance of getting ddosed.

Hey all,

I wanted to take some time here to talk about what a DDoS attack is and is not, since there seems to be some misunderstanding here in this thread. I’m also going to provide some general tips to help with connection issues. This is going to be a somewhat long post because there are a few inaccurate things in this topic that I need to correct, so bear with me. I want to make sure I’m helping you all avoid making your IPs vulnerable to anybody who might do this sort of thing. Hopefully it helps anybody reading understand this all a bit better.

What is a Denial of Service attack and how does it work?

So let’s start with what a Denial of Service attack is. A Denial of Service attack happens when a person or organization floods a specific router with a bunch of requests by targeting its IP address. The router eventually becomes overwhelmed, resulting in connection issues for anybody who needs to use that router as long as the router is under attack. A Denial of Service attack is only a “Distributed Denial of Service” (DDoS) attack if it targets a router that affects many thousands of users. The fact that it targets a major internet router somewhere is what makes the attack “Distributed.” In the rare event that one of you are actually suffering a Denial of Service attack specifically, that is not a Distributed attack, it’s just a DoS attack. While mostly semantics, I thought that might be good to know for your personal information.

So they need my IP to do a Denial of Service Attack. How do they get it?

Without going into the actual process by which this is done (I don’t want to encourage any more people to do this, because it’s illegal), it starts by having a Peer to Peer connection with another person. I’m bringing this up specifically because it is impossible for someone to get your IP address from within Overwatch. We do not use any Peer to Peer connectivity in Overwatch - as both your game connections and Vivox go through our centralized servers.

Currently, some Party Chat on Xbox Live goes through Peer to Peer, but this is a problem that Microsoft is currently working on. Because Peer to Peer connections do not occur within Overwatch, your best chance at avoiding such an attack is to never join an Xbox Party Chat Request from someone you do not trust. If you only use Overwatch in game chat to communicate, you will not have your IP exposed, since all traffic goes through a centralized server.

I may have exposed my IP address and I think I’m being attacked. What do I do?

Please note that there is nothing that we can do to help you with a Denial of Service attack, because we have no control over your IP address. Similarly, if you are disconnecting from the game for any reason, we do not remove leaver penalties. If you’re regularly disconnecting, you need to troubleshoot the disconnections, and if you think you’re disconnecting due to a DoS attack, that means reaching out to your Internet Service Provider.

Since a DoS attack requires your IP address, the easiest way to fix it is to contact your ISP and ask them to change your IP address. Once they do this, the attacks should stop (unless you join a Peer to Peer service with someone and expose your IP address again.) With that in mind, if you continue to disconnect after changing your IP address, you were not experiencing a DoS attack. You’d want to do normal connection troubleshooting instead.

I hope this covers a bit about the situation and how you can avoid being DoSed, or fix situations where you’re in a position to be DoSed. Note that beyond providing this information, there’s nothing else we can do as support. If you run into any other issues, however, feel free to create a new topic about them.


Let’s say I text someone on xbox could they pull my ip ?
If I change my ip and not text again does it update them to the new ip even if i don’t text again ?
Guess I’ll call my isp and see if they can change it
And buy a vpn. Hope cross save comes so i could play pc with my stuff transfered.

Thanks for helping.

You’ll probably have to ask Microsoft these questions since it’s not Blizzard’s software. Maybe they have info on their site of possible ways your IP can become exposed.

Unless you were assigned a static IP, you may be able to change the IP on your own by keeping the modem offline for a bit. Sometimes “a bit” can be 5-10 minutes, other times it may take several hours, so try doing it overnight if the shorter period doesn’t work.

Make sure your router supports VPN setup, or you feel comfortable setting up a tunnel through a computer’s VPN connection. As far as I know, there is no direct VPN client support on the Xbox.

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Thanks for the help ill try sometime this week to call to change the ip address and to see if it supports vpn. If it doesn’t ill see if they got one they can upgrade me to the best they got that supports it and get a tech person to come and do all this.
Im just a simple gamer log on and play. I never had to deal with attacks since the 360 with the mod menus and don’t go on random websites and wasnt taught about vpns. Also was told to buy virus protection and to block random spam bots.
Thanks for explaining what to do. Sorry about the rants to the staff of blizzard forums having to deal with this wave of players including myself. Most of us console players think we’re safe since we pay for online. Now I know what to do to

  1. Change ip address
  2. Get vpn
  3. Don’t join or text randoms
    Thanks for support. :slight_smile:

DDOS has become a problem in ranked but late at night for NA, I’ve had someone on my team and you have to go to their gamercard and report them and the enemy team in the same night different guy ddos me and my buddy at the same time. I doubt two people at the same time will dc. Its become a problem, ny friends have been threatened for DDOS but the best thing to do at this point is report them to Microsoft and not blizzard and if they do they can face penalties. If you do know who is doing the attack report them to authorities as they want you too.

Have basically lost 200 sr to this, it only happens on games i’m doing well on, gotten hit 4 times, a 5th while trying to rejoin a match that just catapulted me back again.

For once this is no Blizzard’s fault. But you have to admit there’s no way it should be expected to have a VPN to play an online game without getting ddossed. Reguardless of whatever people are saying “You’re stupid for not preparing in the first place…you should have gotten a VPN…you can’t blame the services for that.” you shouldn’t have to go to this length just to have a stable and safe internet connection in a competitive game.

Honestly you should put a warning on the Xbox version’s homescreen/login or both, a news announcement if there isn’t one already for this stuff.

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No it’s not a connection issues it’s something on blizzards side you can research my games 16 out of my last 23 games I’ve had a teammate get kicked out and sometimes it’s my friend I’m playing with I’m in masters and I’ve played the game since day one but this has to be fixed. I would like for you to check any of my games I’ve been in and see the amount of people that gets kicked. Fix your game please. Console Overwatch is broken right now

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You just admitted to hacking

Also, yeah, its easy on xbox cause its bad

Going to close this up, as we’ve given the correct response previously in this thread.

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