WyomingMyst no longer MVP?

Ya know he might just be on vacation this week…

in what way? i’ve never seen them do this

Or just trying to sleep.

WyomingMyst taking a nap on the couch after helping out the forums:


Probably to do with someone nuking his posts with reports.

we agree completely :slight_smile:


Oh dear. Guess we really will never see Wyoming post again if he gets blue text.


So he was hired officially?

Ooo! He 100% deserves to officially be part of Blizzard. :smiley: I’m happy for him


That’s awesome, I was worried because of something that happened last week.


I remember criticizing Warcraft Refunded on here a few years ago and asked WyomingMyst why he was defending it. He to me that he would distance himself from Blizzard if they ever did something he didn’t morally agree with.

Strangely that was before the lawsuits were public. I wonder if he finally left.

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He deserves better than Blizzard but im happy anyways, look at our boy.


if i recall correctly…he was asked about this and i BELIEVE he said he wasnt really that interested…

given my memory im probably gravely misquoting him…but i do think it would be a plus for OW if he was on staff…

In this time, I think any job that pays well and above the minimum wage is good.

Sure, it’s tagged with Acti-Blizz, but that’s still a job.


Sounds like it, or I hope so anyway.


Agree! However, it will be a huge plus for us regular players. If he does get a job there, he will be the first and only person in this corporation who truly respects this community.


Wait? He got hired?

Wow, im actually happy for him :>

being on here as often as i am, im always reminded by my post count that ive been on here way too long…that is of course until grey says something :sweat_smile:

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Actually very happy for him. He deserves it.

Now they actually need to hire someone who know how to balance and not only for the “0.5%” of the players but inbetween to make the game fun again.

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