WyomingMyst appreciation Thread


i mean…still better than me…all i got is experience washing dishes, and being a grounds worker at campgrounds


Regardless of whether there is an advertised position at Blizzard, I think you should simply knock electronically on Tom’s door and say hey, I need (or want, as applicable) a job, can I work for you?

Good help is hard to find, moreso in our current state of low unemployment

Further, cant hurt to ask…


Those who know me well know where I stand and know where my goals are. Besides, if I ever was to work for Blizzard, it would mean I would not have a front-facing presence as I do now. In fact, depending on the role, my presence on the forums could possibly disappear entirely.

Not to mention any representative of Blizzard has to be very careful and deliberate about what they say to us as a community. Once something is said, there is virtually no going back on it. It’s one reason why the community managers and the development team don’t post as often as some of the community wish they could. As a forum MVP, I am still my own person and I make my own decisions on what I post so I have as much freedom as I have time for on these forums. That being said, things are about as good as I can expect for myself at this moment.


I get all that


I think you may want to put some time into thinking about it

I am 100% certain they’d hire you, here and now, and due to your reputation and charisma I think it is likely that your role there would be client-facing


okay nevermind, Blizzard plz never hire this guy. :wink:

(Bill Warnecke) #49

WyomingMyst is awesome! I’m a huge fan. Thanks for everything guy!


If being a Blizz employee means you’d possibly disappear forever, I’d quite prefer you as an MVP.


There’s your letter of reference :slight_smile:


Being a dishwasher informed every job I’ve had ever since. I learned so much about myself and about other people.
Your path will reveal itself.


its nice to see even developers show up in a thread like this to show appreciation :slight_smile:


Wyoming Myst is great! Really nice guy. I ran into him in game once and said hi to him, obviously he would have no clue who I was, but he was nice and we endorsed each other after the match :slight_smile:


what was the worst balance change you have seen in the game? That is really my only question.




I don’t think you ever mentioned what heroes you played.

Which heroes do you enjoy playing most?


Give WyomingMyst his green text back


Okay, if I had to pick one, I feel the Mercy rework in patch 1.15 has had the worst impact of all balance changes, and I see this from more of a marketing and player relations standpoint. The Mercy changes back then did look good on paper, but it took away that really “feel good” moment of being able to bring back your team into the fight with the old Resurrection ultimate ability. Now since then they are working the hero to be a balanced and powerful healer, but that wow factor which earned Play of the Game highlights, has not been the same.

Not saying I truly support a revert, but each hero deserves something in their kit that makes it feel like they are making a huge impact.


Tracer is my favorite hero as I have over 300 hours clocked in with her. She is the hero that originally attracted me to the game, and I feel in love with her tool kit as it had that quick zip-in and zip-out gameplay I love.


yeah, what happened to that?


WyomingMyst was given the green text when he joined the MVP ranks. That was on the old forums. The new forums don’t have green text.


I guess it wouldn’t feel complete unless I asked the exact opposite question. What was your favorite balance change?

my favorite was the Roadhog buffs in 1.30
my least favorite was the Mercy rework in 1.15. Rez just doesn’t work as an E