Wrong output for comms

For some reason, I may just be stupid here, but the ingame voice chat comes out of my speakers instead of my headset, despite every other sound coming out of my headset. When I look in the options for my voice chat device, whether I use my default or my comms device, it still doesnt work.

I have looked in my windows sound settings, my headset is set as both my default and my comms device. If I disable my speakers, the voice chat goes through my monitor’s speakers, so I tried disabling all my devices but my headset and the voice chat simply doesnt come through.

I dont know what im missing here but I’d appreciate the help.

What type of headset is it?

Its a wired corsair void pro (or elite, not sure)

I recommend disabling all comms you’re not using for game and seeing if you can force it to the correct channel. I know Corsair drivers have been having a lot of issues with Windows 10 updates recently, as well. You might look into updating those. And if you’re still stumped, provide your DxDiag here. Instructions at top of forum: