Wrecking balls adaptive shields should never be buffed

when i am hog and i hook a wrecking ball into my team and adaptive shields happen then i have to spend the next 3 hours hoping wrecking ball is AFK(well in my case AFC but still) so i can whittle down his shields

he deserves buffs but please do not buff his shield its pretty ridiculous as it is in how tanky it makes him

When people advocate for AS buffs, it’s usually not for the amount of shielding; it’s just letting him use it without having to go through the clunky process of transforming between forms to do it.


Honestly, all he needs is a faster deployed time for his mines, and he should be good.

I want an option where you can have toggled option for his ball form. Also maybe the ability to grappled the floor as well, for a quick boost, but other than that I think he is fine.

I wouldn’t mind an audio cue to let the player knows that he reloaded in ball form.


true but it would make it easier for him to escape with using his really strong ability, i mean you have a tonne of shields already you can use half a second of being immobile, that said he really does need buffs elsewhere but i hate the idea of seeing a ball rolling around getting what feels like 80,000 shields and then rolling away without slowing down at all :stuck_out_tongue:

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This below.

I feel as though, it allows counter-plays.

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Nah, he doesn’t, prove me wrong lol

his pickrate and winrate prove you wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Jeff specifically said that this was the reason why activating his shield pulls him off ball mode.

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thank you i didnt know that, the flow is a good point for example with hog i could never go back to hog not being able to move while taking a breather i sometimes watch old videos and get triggered watching these hogs not moving while taking a breather kinda forgetting that they cant :stuck_out_tongue:

but i do agree with jeff here

Between Hammond’s delay in pressing E and having the shields activate and the stun already in place with hook, he’s already eating a shot by Hog guaranteed before he can get his shields up (of course, this is assuming no outside interference.)

Besides, having Hammond be able to activate shields in Ball form doesn’t actually affect the interactions between Hammond and Hog. Think about it; Hammond is pulled out of Ball form when he’s hooked (as he should) and having the Shield-Roll function wouldn’t help him in that scenario at all.

Personally I dont think ball needs anything besides a team that is coordinated enough to take out the enemy after I seperate them from team.

I usually get gold elims and dmg in most games as hammond and if it werent for my enemy team going full counter as in ana, orisa, brigg, sym, mei, mccree just anything with a stun or slow effect then I would climb much faster.