😈 Would like to make an "offering"

Currently things seem to be going down hill…

Like a lot down hill. (around the worst I have seen yet.)

And just wondering what we should expect for at least May.

Besides the Anniversary event that’s weeks away.

Looking for some “hope” in the box.


Anniversary is tomorrow is my guess.

Well, my explaination sucks, but I think I figured out how to fix Role Queue and save Overwatch.

✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2

Again, I care for more things on the balance side of things.

This isn’t how you get their attention. You wait for something to be released, then that day once they start posting make a thread without an accusatory title, and ask a question.

Worked for me to get a reply about Bastion.


I doubt. They would have already squeezed the hype with teasers

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They sure didn’t do that with Archives, but look what happened.

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At this point, I know they will say what they are ready for.

Didn’t we not get any for archives this year? I thought it just dropped.

Also, my bet is Thursday because that’s when the competitive season ends.

Saying weeks away because anniversary has start on the same week as I recall.

And we are not near it yet.

But again that’s not the focus.

I mean, there is a leak of the teaser out.
Not gonna post it, because the last thread got 404ed.

If it is 3 weeks away… that understandable.

But again, that’s not what I am asking for.

Usually it does, but archives dropped 3 weeks early this year.

And yet again, not talking about Anniversary but other things.

We can offer a few Hanzo main souls

Unless you’re talking about a different type of offering

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How about a Sheogorath offering of one sample of lettuce, a lesser soul gem, and a spool of yarn?