Would anyone continue my active projects?

Hey! I won’t play ow so frequently from now on (only lucioballs hehe :D), as I am getting busier now (work, uni, wedding and stuff). I want to hand my 3 active projects to someone who’s more active and experienced in workshop. Anyone?

My projects are:

  • Volleyball - with Lúcio! | Code: 8YV50. It is a 3D volleyball game with custom ball movement (I used projectile calculations from the internet). Similar to the Lúcioball. Some bugs appear when it comes to (1) the rotation system after player leaving, and (2) shooting the ball extremely downwards. Lucioballers say the game should be a little faster paced which could be done with modifying the “flightTime” variable. It would be awesome to arrange a championship in a discord server! Yet I’ve collected 19 players who would participate.

  • Junkroulette | Code: YXY0W. Destroy the tires before they reach you! The players (max 3) are in the middle of a circle that they cannot leave. If a tire gets to the middle, it exploads and kills everyone. I made a Reinhardt bossfight after round 5. You can get creative in the achievements and the bosses! Completing achievements make you stronger. During bossfights, a random junkrat ults in every 10 seconds, and the bosses can activate them too. Meanwhile, the bosses try to kill you or knock you out from the circle.

  • 2D ow with vertical facing | Code: RR8F8. I havent seen a 2D game with vertical facing. Maybe there is… I dont know. I made a working basis for it anyways. The game is far from complete but seems promising.

Feel free to ask any questions here or privately (my name is Komenda#21447) regarding the projects, my coding style etc., I will always reply within days.