World Cup Viewer Disabled

Hello everyone,

The Overwatch World Cup Viewer has been disabled. We hope you enjoyed the real-time perspective of professional esports from the comfort of your home and thank you for using this new observer tool to follow the Overwatch World Cup 2018 action!

Users who wish to free up disk space can uninstall the observer tool from the App.

  1. Open App
  2. Click on Overwatch
  3. In the Region/Account drop-down menu select Overwatch World Cup Viewer
  4. Select Uninstall

Your support throughout the beta test (Overwatch World Cup 2018) has been invaluable. If you have any feedback or accounts of bugs you may have encountered, please report them here. This will assist us in improving the technology for additional platforms and match types in the future.

Thank you, heroes. We salute you.


It was a really fun and informative tool. Thanks for letting us use it for the World Cup, even if it was just a peek.


Hopefully, the thing will make it to consoles.


It will definitely be a useful tool for pictures and analyzing gameplay.


I am kinda late for the party but can you improve the movement of the free cam? I get motion sickness from it when try to look around because of the delayed movement that it has.

I guess it is like that to make a recording to look more smooth but it is completely unpractical for watching with it.

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used it for a little bit to watch OWWC - it was very cool, but i missed 3/4 of action - i prefer to watch it from feed on twitch

but for replays it will be super awsome

Why disable it? Could’ve given some more forewarning. I wanted to watch how the best Rein players in the world play - just never found time.


If your talking about the cinimatic cam, I pretty sure that can be disabled.

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I hope you got some plans on implementing it so you can use it to replay your own matches aswell. That and ability to show friends highlights ingame without exporting and uploading to youtube would be nice :slight_smile:

you’re the best tom <3

What all one tricks should do
(Calm down it’s just a joke)

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Thanks for the heads up about the disk space!

Hope we get the viewer + VOD capability + caster voice track in time for OWL S2. Would be a game changer for the viewing experience…

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From inside the game settings?
I feel like it should be on a more common place to find.

It’s most likely a keybind, as most of the replay settings are keybinds.

Idk. Maybe I just couldn’t find it because I was assuming this was the only way.

When the replay viewer is released eventrully, I’ll take a closer look.

Darn, I never got to use it.

So it was just, like it was stated, a live viewer? It’d be nice to have playback capabilities from previous matches.

it is intended to watch OW games ‘live’ and ‘replays’

World Cup Viewer is not showing up in my Region/Account dropdown. Only PTR, and the 3 “Live” locations. The OWWC Viewer is still definitely on my computer as I am looking at the 16.3 GB folder. Is this a known issue?